2013 WR450

Any word on changes/upgrades on the 2013 wr450 yet?

bet its only BNG only seeing as the 2012 model is all new (well mostly)


Looks like white rear fender, new graphics on the shrouds, and rear number plates. Also I think the bars now don't say Pro Taper on them but are still made by Pro Taper.

Mechanically I don't think anything has changed.

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Yep, BNGs and white fneder. Price increase of $200.

No software updates? It seemed like a lot of people (including magazine tests) were having troubles starting it. I was hoping for some EFI changes or something to fix that issue.

Little tweaks get done all the time by the engineers, without publicizing it.

That way they don't have to admit that the first version was substandard.

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