WR450F wheel in a YZ450F (2004)

I just scored a pair of used Talon/Excel 17 inch wheels at a good price for my YZ450F supermoto which will be run in speed hill climbs next season. A spare set so that my lad can switch between cut slicks and wets. Problem being that the front hub is for a WR with the notches for a speedo drive. The rear fits perfectly (it already had Talon/Excel wheels) but naturally I have no speedo drive. I was hoping to just fit an oil seal and use the collar from the YZ but though the axle and spacer and bearings are identical the collar isn't long enough. I'll give Talon a ring as both hubs are made by them as the collar on the YZ doesn't look like the standard Yamaha item anyway (it is tapered on the fork end) and the WR wheel came with a stepped collar on the speedo side which doesn't seem to be used with a Yamaha hub. The brake side is perfect for alignment. Buying a speedo drive to sort it out (left unconnected) is not an option at Yamaha UK prices £104! Using both collars might work but with the WR one next to the fork and the YZ one against the bearing it seems to bind up. I'll try them the other way round tomorrow but has anyone run a WR wheel in a YZ without a speedo drive and how? If all else fails I know someone that can turn me up a custom collar if I can provide the dimensions,

Mind you I can't see us swapping the front wheel very often as most people run a wet on the front even in the dry for the sub mile start to finish courses we run. The lad likes the WR excel wheels though because they have fancy blue rims. The bike has a huge ABE front disk rotor and I couldn't get the wheel out without unshipping the caliper from the fork *and* the rotor from the wheel. Not enough clerance between the rotor and rim to get the caliper free - unless I'm missing something. I won't want to be doing that in the paddock in a hurry as the rain starts.

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OK, for anyone who may find that they want to run a *Talon* WR wheel in a YZ the answer is a speedo eliminator. My situation was made slightly more confusing as the wheels currently in the YZ, though Talon hubs, seem to be not Yamaha spec originally and the front at least has been made to fit using a custom collar.

Talon very helpfully put me on to their Australian distributor who supplied me with a 'Ballards Off Road' alloy speedo eliminator. Together with the short collar on the speedo side that came with the WR front wheel it works perfectly. No need for an oil seal as it protects the bearing housing. 57 Oz dollars including air mail to the UK. On to the next puzzle. How to fit a steering damper whilst retaining the 'Scar' triple clamps and 'fastway' brush guards. I can see me having to supply dimensions to Scotts in hope of mixing and matching their mounting hardware. Keeps me busy during the cabin fever season.

If Scotts doesn't have a mount for your clamps (which would surprise me), they'll make you one.

If Scotts doesn't have a mount for your clamps (which would surprise me), they'll make you one.

Thanks. That's useful to know.

Most of the speed hill climb 'supermoto' riders in the UK seem to run GPR stabilizers, but their mounting options seem more limited if not running original yokes and bars.

I'm guessing the Fastway fat bar top clamp will use standard dimensions for the fastener centres. The Scar triple clamps use bar risers, so the stabilizer frame bracket height may be the only issue - though I don't mind going for over or under bar mounting to get a Scotts to fit.

When I got my Scotts mounted on the first bike it went on, I had an unlisted top clamp/bike combination. They asked me to take a couple of measurements and produced a upper bar clamp/damper mount from their standard hardware that fit my needs. When I switched bikes, same thing, all without any problem. Great people to deal with.

IMO, the Scotts is a better unit, too.

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