From sitting my WR was leaking out the overflow super bad. I cleaned the needle valve and seat. But no go. It worked for a few minutes . I want to get a new needle valve, but dont see a part number for the brass seat. Would anyone know if that part alone is available from somewhere?

As a temporary fix. Check that the little piston on the back of the needle valve is able to press in and spring back. If it gets stuck the float doesn't apply enough pressure to seal properly.

From a quick google it looks as if it depends which WR and which year. For a 400 or 426 the complete needle valve assembly is available from places like jetsrus but for a 450 only the float needle itself is listed. I had the same problem on a 96 YZ250 - no brass seat available as separate part. Some people have got lucky 'lapping' in float valve seats. If the stuck piston tip doesn't help check for obvious ridging of the cone shaped tip of the needle and replace it. A new one seems to be about 20 dollars and may be enough to seat properly if the valve seat isn't damaged. I had to get a used carb off Ebay in the end for my YZ250.

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