glowing headpipe?

what would cause the head pipe to glow? it started to glow when i was warming the bike up. I just did the yz timing mod last night, has this caused it to run much leaner? I just shut 'er down,wasnt shure if it was causing damage.

They all glow if idled for a few minutes. Don't worry.

About every month this post comes up and I always kinda laugh because I went through the same, " OH $#!T " about 3 months ago. Everybody said there was nothing to worry about and I have since found that it is completely normal. When it happened to me I had just done the grey wire mod., throttle stop and air box mod. It was about 1 in the morning and was dark outside, I took my bike out in the dark in the driveway and the thing glowed like a mutha'. I almost had a heart attack and I had trouble sleeping. Dont worry about it. Chuck :)

Yeah! My dealer showed me that before I left the shop with mine. My son thinks it's pretty cool!

So, has anyone wrapped their's with heat tape?

Not to worry, it's normal on these things, albeit very disconcerting the first time you see it. :)

Hey, I noticed a lot of you guys have the throttle stops changed the the YZ ones, how has this helped? It allows you to give it more gas I'm sure but does it damage it in anyway? Can I just take mine to a grinder and shave it down a bit? Thanks for you help. Sorry about getting off of the subject. My two brothers were freaking out when they saw the red pipe but I figured it was normal since it's new. :) right on :D

yes just gring it to the same length as the yz's

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