1999 WR400F Carb

Helping a buddy fix his up. I'm stuck figuring out how the accelerator pump linkage is attached. Any one have a picture of how it should be? I can't find anything in the service manual (both factory and haynes). It has an external linkage and has no air cut valve.

This is how I have it now, but it's not very smooth and doesn't seem right:




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Look under the sticky called the "Bog" and there is a explanation of its operation with some pics.

Might help a bit.

Otherwise for external, look at a fiche diagram on Ronayers or in the TT store.

The fiche diagrams aren't any help. - the linkage is not included on them

The bog sticky helps a little bit, I need to see the whole linkage, not just the close up on the AP bits. Looks like i'm missing some parts though...

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