wr or yz450 next year??

My local dealer said that a wr or yz450 maybe coming in the near future.anybody else heard the same??

Dirt Bike magazine reported that in the last (or next to last) issue. It's supposed to be around 450 cc and weigh as much as the KTM 520. Though it didn't mention an electric starter.

i want the magic button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the button would be okay on the WR but I wouldn't want it on the YZ. That would be one more thing to break at the track and piss me off.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

Forget the magic button, I want a cup holder, thats where the love is at. :)

And there is the possability of making it lighter, which reminds me anyone know where I can get some titanium cheep? I think Ill just make my own frame. hehe

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Going back to my sources (I knew 18 months in advance of the XR650 and 12 months in advance of the CR450 - full details), they tell me it will be a 450cc, no electric start and will constitute of the Alloy frame that was used successfully in the 1999 and 2000 500cc GP seasons.... Yeehaaaaa. light weight and more power...


I read an interview with the engineer that designed the 250f and he said they are going to continue with the chromoly frame over aluminum.

Mitch, Sounds good to me, I just hope that the WR will not get ingored like it has in the past, It would be nice if the WR and YZ models were updated the same every year, Im not sure if aluminum is the answer, some say that it would'nt be much lighter than the steel frame. Lighter would be better, WR450F? Sweeeeeeeeet!


If Yamaha really want to compete in the weight category of the KTM, they have to do something with how high the Dub'r carries it. I can't get over how much lower the weight feels on the 520 or the YZ250 for that matter. The 250F is an improvement, but it's still very top heavy compared to our 2-stroke cousin.

If not the whole frame, why not an aluminum subframe? How about a pipe that quiets the engine and weighs less than a boat anchor? (like the KTM) Can't the radiators and the reservoir be lower? Any other ideas, guys?


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