WR400F Spark plug

Can some one confirm, in a past thread someone stated that you can use a CR8EK instead of the CR8E. The EK is longer than the standard E.



Are you hell bent on the double electrode or is it all you got? Do you know how much longer it is or are you asking?

The EK is about 3 mm longer. This is what the bike shop gave me.

My only advice when it comes to engine internals is keep it the same. 3mm is a lot. Id see if the shop will give you what you are supposed to have. Hopefully someone on here will know better tho, that was just my .02.

I've been using the ek version without any issues. It has been much more robust than std when I was having jetting issues. Others would foul in 2 minutes. The ek version would at least keep running.

I have a 99 wr 400 with 33000+ kays on it, practically all off road, but i put an iridium plug in it about 20 000km ago, never a problem since

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