stainless steel wool

I am trying to find some stainless steel wool in Canada but cant find any.

i went to Canadien Tire, Home depos,Pricess auto...

Where do people carry this, Plumbing store?


Go to and you will find what you need. ~Hit-man~


00'YZ426F 00'XR50R LATER DAYS!!!

Thanks Hit-Man but McMaster is in the USA.

It will Cost me a lot for shipping and duties. If I'm stuck i will order from them.

moose racing has come out with a cartridge than you just slide into your muffler and they claim it last alot longer than wrapping it since it's preformed. You have to order it depending on what muffler you have ie oem, white brothers, fmf etc.... go to and check it out.I should have mine monday so I can give it a shot...

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Do you use Fine, Medium or Coarse?

My Pro-Meg is due for a repack.

I'm gonna check out the Moose and also WB sells a repack kit but I'm sure the stainless steel wool is cheaper and probably outlasts them all.

I'll never bother with that Silent Sport crap again. It took 2 bags to pack the stock muffler and it burned thru in about 2 months!


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The Moose is a cartridge not just packing and it's $23.95 retail but who pay's retail.

It says last 5 to 10x longer than glass packing and lighter...worth a try...


Let us know how the cartridge works.

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