Help Save Monday Practice at I5-MX (Gorman)

We are trying to save the Monday practice session at the I5-MX track, formerly Hungry Valley MX. To do so, we need as many people as possible to email the track manager and let him know how important Monday practice is for those of us that only get Mondays off. So if you are local, please email Tim, and let him know that Monday is important and ask that it be kept open.

If you are not local but have Mondays off, I am sure it would help for you to let Tim know how good it is for you to be able to have a place to ride on your day off in your area.

But above all, BE POLITE! These guys sound really excited and want good things for the track. That can only benefit us.


Hi, I think I've seen you out there rippin around.. Do you have Red Excels on that CRF... Preety cool..... :)

They are actually stock, just anodized really good. Thanks for sending an email to Tim about the Monday practice.


last chance

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