Antifreeze Question

Has anyone heard of a product called Engine Ice and if so have you tried it. I have heard it makes the bike run 10 degrees cooler. :)

I haven't tried it but i herd it work'es good . I use water wetter and silkoline pro cool . the water wetter helps to lower the operating temp but has no freeze protection thats were the pro-cool come's in, the combination workes good for me .

Most of the people I ride with run engine ice. My husband and I use it. My brother-inlaw uses in his WR426, and friend uses it in his CRF450. I don't know much cooler a bike will run using this product, but none of us have had probems overheating. I guess the only way to know for sure is to get one of those engine thermometers and see what the reading is without and with the engine ice.

i use it,i looked at the stock junk and said ew, so i put some engine ice in there and it looks cooler in the over flow tank.. but yes it works very well especially in the summer when the bike would start acting funny on very very tight trails, i put it in and it ran perfectly, it also lowers oil temps :):D

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