I rode a YZ250F today.... Holy crap...............

Today I met some friends out at a local track here in Socal, Piru Motocross.... My 450 worked great all day, nice suspension and clean running... One of my buddies offered me to take his 250F for a spin... I really wanted to since this was one of the only late model bikes that I've never ridden before... After doing a couple of 10 lap motos on my WR I hopped on his bike... The bike corners so well I couldn't believe it, their is one section of the track where it goes in an "s" pattern, my bike wants to get out of the groove while the little bike holds the line without jumping out... It feels like a turbo TTR125 that you could throw around... I could easily ride the 250F faster on a MX track.. The weight factor is huge.... I stalled the bike on the first lap but after that I got used to it like I've been riding it for years... I love my WR... But not for the track...... Now the problem is where can I find an extra 6 grand..... :)

Me and the 450 Today:


check out the burned back ground from the socal fires...

i agree those things pack a decent punch in the mid range and theyre sooooo light, chassis and engine wise :)

Hey Dan, Nice pic :) I wish I could ride one of those 250f. One of my friend here has one but never had the chance to try it yet.

BTW, What helmet do you wear? I think we have the same

I agree with you on the weight factor! The bike is so light that I can ride it without feeling tired. The power is also sufficient and I'm able to go as fast on the 250 as on my 400 (at least for a weekend warrior like me). Would love to get that small beast but thing is, the CRF250 looks really nice! Hence, I got 2 problems (1 more then you); where to find the cash and which color should i get if the first problem is solved! :)

Did they ever solve the starting problems with the YZ250F. The WR is a little big for the tight woods which I ride and I am taking a look at the 250's, either blue or red.

What helmet do you wear?

I have the Thor SV2, great helmet...

I think it's safe to say that all of the newer 4 strokes have solved their starting problems.. Yamaha had their share with their earlier models......

I have the Thor SV2, great helmet...

So we have the same... I have a thor SVR2 helmet (silver navy and red). I love it too. :)

OK, I'm sorry, let's now talk about the 250f...

Dan ya big stud you......great foto. :)

Didn't anyone tell yaa you can't jump a WR. :D

I can start my 03YZ250F with my hand. Auto decomp is the bomb.

yes it all comes down to the $$. If I were a wealthier person, I wiould first have to buy the 10 car garage, then fill it with all the specialized toys. Ride on and Twist it! :)

Great photo Dan! That WR makes you look better than you

really are! :)

That WR makes you look better than you

really are!

Aint that the truth..... :):D

Yeah, like I should talk... :) Judging from that photo and the races you enter, I'd wager you can ride a lot better than me. :D

Dan Let me know when your going again!! I'll show you some of my lines!! :)

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