Brake Pads ?????????

Do you guys have any good recommendations for rear brake pads? I am down to the metal and need to change them!

yeah, c'mon guys, which brake pads is everyone using? I wanna know too :)

Stock are the best but expensive

I have always used EBC on my roadrace bikes. I have about six hours on a set of EBC fronts on my 426, just bedded in so I cant really give an opinion yet. I bought a set of SBS for the rear from a TT member, should be in soon. I will let you know what I think once I put some time on them.

Vesrah pads are my faves. Just drop them in and go. They don't need all the bed-in procedure like EBC.

The Vesrah work better than EBC on my Supermoto and they worked better on my TZ250.

Try 'em, you'll love 'em. If you don't I'll be surprised.

Thanks for the info guys. More opinions are always welcome.

Ive been running Vesra pads also. I like them. They work better for me than EBC. I have no use for EBC. Been burnt too many times by them. Never again.

I hear that Dunlopads are about the best. They are just a little hard to find.

Vesrah- check out the TT store for a good price

Stock pads give the best pad life.


If you buy EBc's (MXS, I believe), watch the pads that come with the pins. The pads are ok (not great) :), but one of my pins had threads that were so bad they would have stripped out the caliper. I caught it quick and did not force it, so no big deal.

If their quality controll sucks this bad, I dont want to trust their pads. I bought Galfers and have been happy with them. Rocky Mountain started selling the Galfer brand, so price is not much of an issue.

Get some Moose brake pins. They have Hex heads and are way easier to remove from the caliper than the stock allen head pins. The stock allen head pins have a tend to sieze in the caliper.

I ordered the Vesrahs from the TT store for $54 both front and back w/ shipping. How much are you guys paying for the stock pads? Are they only available from the dealer?

That is exactly what I did. It bothered me to have to do so. The EBC's had that gimmic of coming with free pins. I guess a guy gets what he pays for.

I will never buy anything but stock pads again. The aftermarket pads seem to either a) squeak excessively, :) wear way too fast, or c) do both.

The OE pads are great quality.

I'm with many of the others, Genuine Yamaha are the best.

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