03 starter issues

i am the second owner of this low miles bike, have owned it for two yrs and have just replaced the original starter. i had been noticing that funcky kick back noise from time to time with the original starter and hoped the new one help. no luck... all the old noises still persisted. i just recently found out about 04 mods and intsantly ordered them. literally the day i found out about the mods the new starter( less than 3 mos old) started to not ingage with the starter clutch. it would engage while the bike was turning over, then disengage, then engage again. it started doing this very sporadically, but over the last couple rides it rarley engages the starter clutch at all anymore. i am pretty sure that the woodruff key is still in one piece ( i bought one with the mods just in case) since when it engages and turns over.......... from time to time, or am i wrong and things are really ugly inside?! i installed the mods tonight but nothing has changed. is my woodruff key sheared or would taking the starter apart and lubing it the way i have read in this forum help or ............am i looking at purchasing yet another starter? HELP!!!

reading other starter threads and it sounds like it might be my stator clutch..? i am not sure were the free spinning starts and stops when the starter does not engage but it sur eis free spinning. no noises other than the starter spinning like crazy! Thoughts?

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OK.... i see that there have been views to my question AND i have read clark 4131's NEWBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE but no help !? i believe i have followed all the correct etiquette. ihope someone can help me out soon as i have a couple 100+ mi days in the desert this weekend and would LOVE to press my start button and not have to kick my baby all weekend. Thanks in advance.

I don't have the answer for you, but see that the views without reply keep going up. Hope someone has your answer soon!

sounds to me like the problem is the starter clutch on the back of the flywheel

It's not an etiquette issue, but the thing is it could be a lot of different things, asking people to diagnose noises and grinding long distance is quite hard to do, especially in a starter.

Personally I'd start taking stuff apart to check the key, make sure the starter is properly lubed and connected right, check my battery and make sure the starter relay is functioning as well. Did you replace it with a brand new, rebuilt or used starter? Has it worked at all? How does the bike run? Does it kick start fine?

The electric starter is a pretty simple thing, and is quite reliable when properly maintained and setup. Do some checking on the fiche as well to be sure you have ALL of your spacers and shims in the right spot.

Hope this helps

Right on..thanks for the response guys! DeepPurplishBlue had it right. i started taking things apart before i had heard back from anyone and it was the starter clutch. the nasty noises I was hearing while runnin the e-start was the starter clutch slipping. The noise came while the clutch was free spinning and slamming as it engaged. it was slowing coming apart with each start. For you other newbies checking this thread out, I'll break it down for you to better understand what this newbie didnt. The free spinning starter I thought i was hearing was actually a well oiled machine, cause what I was hearing was the starter, the ider gear and the starter clutch gear all spinning at once since the starter clutch was not engaging.(it didnt sound like that much was moving!). While in there i did replace the woodruff key . it was pretty worn given its stationary job and was probably pretty stressed due to not having the starter mod for so many years. better safe than sorry. All n all a pretty easy fix and the parts weren't too spendy. One thing. Like I mentioned I also just completed the starter mod using the 04 damperner assembly, (thanks Rocky739 for the parts break down in the '03 WR450 Starter Conversion Tutorial) but I am a little concerned about how loose fitting the washers are at each side of the damper assembly (the following fiche link is to RonAyers.com. ,a good source for lesser expensive parts, http://www.ronayers.com/Fiche/TypeID/26/Type/STARTER_CLUTCH_/MakeID/4/Make/Yamaha/YearID/45/Year/2004/ModelID/1833/Model/WR450FS_WR450F/GroupID/341600/Group/STARTER_CLUTCH_

i understand that these washers are only going to be sliding around when the starter is being used... but given the tight tolerances of the rest of the bike..seems odd these would be this loose. Its not that they are the wrong diameter for the shaft, but there are grooves in the shaft right where the washers sit, making the fit sloppy.(?) any thoughts? Thanks. ill check back Monday as i am out to the Nevada desert and into some SWEET sand washes! Cheers Brothers and thanks TT for all the very helpful info!!!

FYI. i am also Yuleman. I was having email issues so i had to open another acct.

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