2011 Tank, shrouds, graphics questions

I have decided that cannot live with a tank that I only get 45-55 miles out of. I am considering th IMS 3.1 gallon tank, but in looking at them, i see you must use YZ shrouds. That leaves the question of graphics, as I don't want to leave my almost-new beautiful WR bare. Must I use YZ graphics? Are there any sets that don't say "YZ" on them and aren't race/sponsor type logos, maybe more stock type but still cool? Do WR graphics fit on the YZ shrouds? Any othe tank recommendations?

You could use WR graphics but you will most likely have to trim a little to make them fit. There is a better selection for the YZ's. Or you could do what I did and get the Clarke 3.6 gal. Cheaper than the IMS and holds more fuel, plus it uses the stock WR shrouds!! Some people prefer the shape of the IMS over the Clarke because it doesn't sit up quite as high but the extra fuel has to go somewhere. I am happy with the Clarke and would recommend it again. I can go over 100 miles if I need to.

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I have the clarke.. it is nice to hold more and it is cheaper, but I might go IMS next time just because it doesn't have the nutbuster on top

You can use your WR shrouds, they just don't bolt quite right up under the seat.

I need to get one too, though I'm not to crazy on how the IMS came out on looks. The ones I put on my YZ's were a lot better looking. Also I'm not to crazy about adding any more wieght this bike, though I may have to anyway. I personally like Factory effects graphics and when I'm done tearing up the stock ones that's probably is what I will go with. They are good looking with no power drink logo's or any of the other crap on them, just nice and clean looking.

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