Yz426 possible blown engine? HELP! Rebuild?

Hello I own a 2000 426 and I was riding the other day and on a will climb I fell and the bike tipped over so that the handle bars were pointed down the hill and te tires up and some how the bike kept running but by the time I could recover from my fall the bike was blowing steam out the over flow tube so bad my buddy that wa watching from the top thought I blew a radiator but any ways I ran and turned off the bike and walked it back down the hill sat it in the shade for a couple minutes(about 15) then got on it and road it back to camp (about a mile) and on that ride home I heard a faint knock and i feel like I can still hear it now but my girl friend think I'm just paranoid.... but you can for sure still it right when you start the engine(first 2-3 seconds) and right when the bike is shut off for the last couple rotations of he engine... Any ideas of what could of happened?

And another thing is I love my bike and seeing how it's 12 years old and it's never been rebuilt, I was thinking about going all out and doing a full engine renovation do is there any company besides OEM that has bottom end parts for this bike? Preferably kits? Top ends are all over but I can't seem to find bottom? Are there other models that are compatible?

I need all the advise I can get thank you

I check the timming chain see how loose it is.

My 426 is 12 years old also I purchased my used I dont know how the inside the motor looks like either i been thinking also It mite be time to tear in to mine to make things new again beside I like to tinker LOL.

Are you going to big bore your bike and port it as long it a part :rolleyes:

Probably not... I didn't even know they made bore kits lol I was thinking about renovated the whole bike idk I'm still playing with the idea

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