couple of questions

First is the chain. It sounds like its slapping if I lug the motor or I'm in too high of a gear. Does this mean its too loose or is this normal.

Other question is about the seat. Am I the only one that gets a sore butt from this seat. I cant even ride a whole day without my rear starting to hurt and this makes riding less fun. Should I get a softer seat foam? Will that cure the problem?

Thanks !

I have a Guts tall soft seat on my wr450 ... Its the most comfortable seat i have ... Btw, im 5'9" I think the tall soft just compresses more , more cushion

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X 2 on the soft foam. No more baboon ass for me! Son has the medium firmness and he says it is better than stock but still hurts. I stuck with the stock hight, soft, as I am 5'8". It got me one inch closer to terra firma when I stop. Eliminated the need to lower the bike

I would say the chain is to loose,i had the same problem when i fitted a new chain,not sure of the correct tension off hand,but make sure you don't make it to tight

Put bike on a stand, Loosen up the axle bolt , then take a small wrench , turn the rear wheel backward and slip that wrench between the chain and rear sprocket... you should be able to turn it under to between the 12 and 1 oclock position ... then tighten up the chain tensioners if they or the chain is still loose . After that , just make sure the rear wheel is aligned... measure center to center from the swingarm bolt to rear axle and get it same on both sides. Dont make the chain too tight , that will stretch the chain or worse, it could crack your case when you bottom out . The chain should get fully tight after turning a wench in between the chain and rear sprocket to about the 1 O'clock position ... do this and then tighten the axle bolt back up ... remove the small wrench. Hope that helps !

Adjust the chain as recommended in your owners manual, the chain does slap around some.. Overtighting chain will wear chain faster and can even damage the transmission.

Some of the chain slap noise is coming from the plastic swingarm buffer pad slapping against the swingarm. Put camper shell tape under it, and you will be amazed at how much quieter it will be. And, you'll stop it from wearing into the swingarm!! Win, win!!!

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