Please help with my unstable idling!!!!

I recently finished my motard Honda NX/XR hybrid. Suzuki mags, Bandit brakes turns and stops great.. The only problem seems to be a change in the idle. I have checked and the cables are not hanging up on anything but the idels does not seems to stablize. It varies from a high idle to a low idle.. I installed a jet kit which came with the weaker diaphram spring. It runs fine and pulls hard just a little annoying at stoplights... Any help is greatly apreciated!!! :)


I'm no mechanic, however I experienced the same thing on my XR650L, after I rejetted. I spent some time tweaking my air/fuel mixture adjustment. While out riding, I would ride a bit; stop and play with this setting until I got it just right.

I found that if I had it set too rich I would experience exactly what you are describing. Thus I had to find just the right setting, not too lean however, but just enough to normalize the idle.

Hope this helps!



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