Are WR450's engines noisy?

I have a 06 wr450 which is rather rattly in the top end is this normal? I had a wr400,and also a new klx300 a few years ago and think they was too,but maybe not as bad,it's hard to pin point where it's coming from,as timing chain,clutch etc?

I dont know if I would call it rattly, but you can defanitly hear the valve

train at work when its idling and standing next to it .

One method you can use to see how streached your cam chain is to remove the center bolt and using a small screwdriver, release the tension on the cam chain. Now you can remove the two bolts that are holding the tensioner in place. Remove the tensioner, and let the tensioner plunger come back out fully. Now place it up against the cylinder where it would normally mount. There should be a fair amount of a gap keeping you from being able to re-mount it. This is how much streach you have left before you have the potential for engine trouble. Re-install according to the manual.

If it sounds like it has rocks in the upper end what you have is a serious case of Heathy bike !! Go ride man !!! They all sound like that no worries.

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