Stalling with a Rekluse

Hi All,

I went and bought a Rekluse EXP 2.0 and it has been fantastic. Problem is that it still stalls.

I was testing this earlier by blipping the throttle in gear to the point where the front was almost lifting. Seems like when the RPM's drop really quick the bike stalls. This caught me out a few times while blipping the throttle to hop over fallen tree's and then once on a nice steep hill - very painful when the gears don't keep the bike still on a slope (while stalled).

It also stalled once or twice with a sudden increase in RPM but I haven't been able to replicate that one.

I turned the idle up and it seemed to get a little better but now it's starting to lurch forward while in gear.

Wasn't sure whether it was a problem with the bike or the Rekluse. I have a 2010 yz450.

Rekluse makes a great, outstanding product! On 450s in years past we've been able to make them "puke" and stall in certain rare situations. Can't seem to do it on a 250. Full disclosure: have not ridden a new Rekluse model in approximately 18 months.

You can dail your clutch lever play to very loose and disable the rekluse. Then drive like normal clutch and see if stalling persist. I fell over on the trail yesterday and my yz just purred on it's side till i picked it up, got on and gassed it. Never touched the clutch. Really cool product. Stan

Do these clutches feel like normal clutches at the lever?

With a carbed engine, this is a symptom of too rich a pilot jet setting. An idle that runs slightly lean makes the engine settle back to idle a little more slowly, while too rich an idle will cause the RPM to drop suddenly, often dipping below normal idle speed momentarily, which leads to stalling on a throttle drop when not connected to the trans.

Using the tuner to reduce the fuel settings at low speed/RPM may help in this case.

Do these clutches feel like normal clutches at the lever?

Core EXP feels normal at the clutch lever, standard EXP is 25% stiffer of a pull and has no freeplay at the lever.

You may have a clutch prob, but that bike dosen't like throttle blipping, it will teach ya to not blip the throttle or send ya to another bike!

Myself and my riding buddy both have Rekluse clutches. I have never stalled mine, and he will stall his about 1 or 2 times a ride. Most of the time it is on fallen trees or a big rock that stops the tire all the sudden. His is set up on hard disengage mine is on med. Also our riding styles are very different I ride slower and smooth he is racing at all times. What I'm getting at is if you ride the clutch hard it still can stall. If your not racing you might try changing out the spring.

I noticed that on mine. Mine would stall some and felt ad if it luffed a bit.

What I done that took care of it was this.

I routed the clutch cable to were it came from the bottom to the to top in the

most straight line and making sure it stayed against the frame up along the side

Up to where it is above the rads and then on up to number plate.

Then from the number plate I made real sure it was in a straight line to where

it goes into the perch. After this I didn't have an issue with it wanting to

lerch anymore with the clutch pulled in and reving a bit.

The main problem was that the cable wasn't in a straight line going into

The perch.

I have on on my 11 450 and if I blip the throttle few times at relatively low rpm's it flames out, I have the idle turned up a fair bit which helps but when it's hot it does it more

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