Engine Braking

I have rode a 2 stroke for about 10 years now and I have never engine braked. When you do this, do you use the back brake at all. Please explain to me how it is done. Also can you use it on all corners? I ride a 02 426. Is the clutch used in every corner

dohhh,just don't use the decomp. unless you like to replace titanium$$$$ valves.....



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You get engine braking to some degree rather you know it or not. The more RPM you are carrying and chop the throttle the more engine braking you get. Engine braking on a 4-stroke is quite pronounced due to high compression and all the rotational parts slowing down when you reduce the throttle. This in turn slows the rear wheel as if you where using the brake. A 2-stroke will tend to free-wheel when you cut the throttle.

Example: I find engine braking quite usefull. If I were jumping a double with a sharp turn right after it, I would keep my RPM high over the double and upon landing would chop the throttle and let the engine slow me for the corner. The engine braking can start slowing me down much faster that I can transistion to the brakes after recovering from the landing. Example: I might use low RPM with a high gear for long straight jumps where I might want to land and get right on the gas to accelerate.

There are many ways to use engine braking in degrees relative to your RPM. Remember, don't use high RPM and land from a jump with the throttle chopped or you might get a real close-up of your front fender.

Hope this helps. You are using engine braking everytime you cut the throttle, it's just a matter of degree.

Do you use your back brake while you are engine braking? If so how do you stop it from dieing.

I use the engine braking in addition to using the rear brake. You have to find the fine line between using the brake and stalling the engine. It will take some time to get used to it but when you do....you'll love it. I also turned my idle up a bit to help avoid stalling plus it makes it a tad more like a two stroke when entering a corner.

I use the clutch entering and exiting the corners. I raced my 98 YZ400F for three years and never had to replace the clutch. Some people never touch the clutch after they get moving. It all depends on your riding style.

I agree with Vaughn about the high rev deceleration. You can do it but the underside of the front fender isn't my idea of a good view. You'll get used to it and you'll use it to your advantage.



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Pulling the compression release won't hurt the valves. If that were the case, you wouldn't be able to kick it over with the comp release pulled in.


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