08' yz450 jetting issue

So I have been fiddling all day and I'm fed up my 08' yz450 hesitates and bogs in the mid range like crazy I've have been through about 15 jetting combos and have had the best results so far with the jd blue jet and a 165 main and a 48 piolit how ever the mid range hesitation and bog still remains, my bike has a dr.d full stainless exhaust and a boysen quick shot 2.I live in Reno nv where the elevation is around 4500-5200 Please help any comments are greatly appericated.Also this is my first posting here but I have strolled this forum quite a few times and it's great, thanks, justin

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Post #26 by NewMexican. The one the link takes you directly to. Note his altitude.

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