'10 yz450f no third gear?

i just gernaded 2nd and 3rd on my 450, while replacing the gears and bearings i also put a new top end and crank in it while i had it apart. i test rode it down the street and it runs solid until i shift into 3rd. it feels LIKE i shifted into third with the clutch in and kept revving it, almost like a neutral but i felt it TRYING to engage... like i was slipping the clutch out (if i were to actually have the clutch in. make sense? basically 3rd is now neutral... my friend is doing all the work and he is a good mechanic but is baffled by this, he tore it apart again today and still can't find anything wrong. also it hand shifts on the bench fine and feels completely normal. anyone run into this and if so what was the cause/possible cause?



i just searched back in the forums and i see greyracer mentioned in another thread that it is most likely the 3rd and 5th gear wheels as well as the #3 shift fork. someone else mentioned in the same thread that "bingo" that was the problem.

Mine has always had issues with a false neutral between 2nd and 3rd. I replaced the two gears and shift fork which improved it for a while but then it came back. Now I live with it, make sure I change gear solidly. Doesn't do it all the time and doesn't get any worse. This bike is known for it, not everyone's but its well documented.

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