Transmission Swaps

I know the WR and Yfz450 quad engines have probably more differences then they do likenesses. Has anyone ever compared the difference between a transmission between the two?

I have found the quad parts to be just a little more heavy duty to deal with the 4 wheel abuse

I'm thinking the quad trans may be a tougher build with wide ratios that could be helpful to a road converted WR

Just for replacements alone there are more quad motors parted than WR motors

I know this is old topic but my answer may be helpful for somebody.

When transmission broke down on my '05 wr i bought used one from quad yzf. The yzf transmission did not fit in my wr crankcase. On the yzf transmission, input and output shafts are longer. Gears are wider. Generally yzf transmission looks like more heavy duty.

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