light dust on carb slide

So I am having my suspension done on my 20011 wr450 with all free mods and while I had the sub frame off the bike I noticed a very light film of dust on my carb slide on the air filter side. Ive only ridden the bike a hand full of times and I thought I was meticulous on my air filter maintenance? do I need to clean my filter more or do I have dirty air getting into my carb somehow?

Grease the filter mating surface well. Also check the carb slide top two scews.

No matter how meticulous you are at cleaning your air filter, dust will get thru. It's the nature of the beast. Some filters are better than others, but they all pass fine dust. Those engines gulp some HUGE quantities of air!!!

run the yamaha oem filter, use bel ray or other good oil, grease lip. Filter skin.

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