Why buy an X-ring

Alot has been written about what chain and sprockets to run. This last time out I switched to a DID X-ring. As has happened everytime for me, the sprocket wears out well before the chain does. Since they always should be changed at the same time, why spend the x-tra money on a more expensive chain? I have tried several sprocket/chain combos, and the rear sprocket always wears out first!

I personally think the idea that they both have to be changed at the same time is crap. I run a ragina o-ring chain. I have had the same chain for 2 years and have used 3 sets of sprockets. I do not get anymore life out of the sprocket with a new chain. You should change them together if they are both worn out, But why throw away a good chain. Non-o-ring chains dont last as long a 0-ring chains, so you have to replace them more often. Keep your x-ring and just buy some new sprockets and you will be happy.

I agree, the x-ring does hardly any stretching, so why would you have to change it until your o-rings wear out ?

If it is not stretching then this means the pitch of the chain is not changing.

If the pitch on a chain changes then you will wear out sprockets, the only way the pitch changes is if your chain stretches.

The chain rollers could damage the sprocket if they are worn down to a smaller diameter, but this is highly unlikely since the base material of the rollers is much harder than that of the sprockets.

I just ordered 2 new sprockets today but not a chain, I'm going on a year on my x-ring and I ride aggressive MX 2-3 times a week.

I put 30-40 hours a month on my bike..........thats alot.

Later, Jason

My '96 Husaberg I just sold had the original chain on it when I bought it earlier this year, no master link! I put a smaller counter sprock on and needed to get a link out and add a master link. After cleaning the chain up, the words Regina appeared from under all the built-up goo. When I knocked that link out of the chain I was stunned to find the ends STILL perfectly lubed inside the o-rings! Unreal. So I finished cleaning it up, put the master link and rode the hell out of it all summer, sprockets were fine, everything cool. When it comes time for a chain for my new WR it will get a Regina as well.

first point, chains don't s-t-r-e-t-c-h they wear and when they wear the tolerances open up thus making the chain longer. i'll agree that you can change just sprockets,but if you chain is to worn(out of spec per link measurement) and sloppy,its time to throw down the dinero for both....



2001 yz 426

1998 gsx-r 750

Dunno, when I first rode my 00/426, I'd swear you could hear the chain beg for mercy as it was being streched like hot taffy! It only stayed on my bike long enough for the shop to get a quality o-ring in.

I use only o-ring or x-ring chains and they definitely last longer. There really is minimal drag from and x-ring once it is up to temp and spinning during a ride. Unless you are a sponsored rider and getting new non-o-ring/x-ring chains, get an o-ring/x-ring chain. One trick to get a bit more life is to flip the chain so the opposite side is touching the sprockets. I do this at half life and the chains are in spec much longer. Also, sprockets last longer if you maintain your chain propoerly. O-rings like a bit of WD-40 (or equivalent) after each ride. Slowly spin your rear tire backwards and spray into the area of the chain that is being dragged into the front sprocket. This puts the lube where it needs to be. Also, keep your chain clean. No pressure washers allowed! No powerful solvents/cleaners. Just WD-40 or equivalent.

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