I hate to ask Jetting Questions for Orange

Sorry to ask, but my riding partner bought a new KTM 380 EXC and it runs really rich on the bottom, fouls plugs left and right, its all stock and we are riding in less than 1000ft elevation. DO I need to rejet or can the fuel/air screw solve this problem.

Also he moved his clip down to third position but wont that only lean out the top.

Nothing like owning a new bike that wont run. GOOD THING I OWN BLUE, it starts everytime.

Pie Man,

Lowering the clip (raising the needle)will richen the mid range. To set the air screw, first the bike has to be idling. He has to turn in the air screw until the engine starts racing. Then, slowly back it out until he hears the engine start to stumble, then turn it in 1/2 turn.


Ok, we can do them too -

The 380exc is rich because of the triple taper needle. It will be something like NOZH. Try the next clip leaner (#2) and possibly a leaner pilot jet. There are optional leaner needles and the next step is NOZI.


Pilot jet - #42

AIR screw - 1 1/2 turns out

Needle- NOZH or NOZI in clip #2

Main jet doesn't matter for low end.


If it still isn't good enough, go to a Honda needle from the CR250 - R1369LS in clip #3. This will REALLY make it run more clean down low. Go back to the #45 pilot with this needle.


I have a bunch of posts on www.dirtrider.net under the KTM section on this.


I think your friend needs to do a gas cap swap. To do so, follow these simple procedures:

1) Remove Gas cap from KTM 380.

2) Discard or sell remainder of the KTM under gas cap.

3) Get new Yamaha WR426.

4) Replace gas cap on new Yamaha.

5) Ride and enjoy



I can give you a baseline that KTM NEalio, a Regular on the RMD board uses on his 380. I was recently involved in a case splitting project on my pals 380 as his Conrod bearing went south for the winter. KTM NEalio was kind enough to offer his jetting setup.

here it is Quote>>

I currently run a 175 main and

the (I think) "H" needle on with the clip on the second notch down.

My bike revs out better than my buddies bikes do, so maybe my jetting

is right and they are running lean.?? I may be a tad rich on top

but I tend to rev a lot so I'm ok with that.

I run Silkolene Comp2 oil at between 40-36:1.


Hope this is of help.


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