I need some technical help with installing an enduro lighting kit

Hello all,

I purchased and have installed a Dr. Enduro low pro kit on my 06 wr 450F. However, in Washington state it is required that your head light stay eluminated for some set time, which I don't recall. The low pro comes with a 8 AA battery pack to power the LED lighting and controls and I want to get rid of that battery pack and connect directly to the bikes main battery.

Anyway, as you folks with the 06 know the head light and tail light will not come on until you start the machine. I have a manual but the wiring diagram is not very good and does not have enough detail to be of any help.

Does someone have a detailed wiring diagram?

Can someone help me navigate powering my Dr. Enduro low pro kit with the main bike battery?

And how do I make the lights turn on when I turn on the ignition??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



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However, in Washington state it is required that your head light stay eluminated for some set time, which I don't recall.

Where did you hear that?

This is pasted from the WA DOL website. http://www.dol.wa.go...otorcycles.html

  • A head lamp meeting the requirements of RCW 46.37.523 and 46.37.524, to be used whenever the motorcycle is in motion on a highway.

Granted this is specific to "converted off-road motorcycles" wich should not be confused with factory equipped "dual-sport" bikes.

The stock lights are AC that get power from a sepatate winding on the stator. To get the headlight to work when the engine is not running would probably require a stator and rectifier modification or aftermarket replacement.

I haven't bothered with my 05 which has the Tusk dual-sport kit.

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you could re route your wiring to dc coming from the battery and the headlight will stay illuminated when the bike is off. Wr's have a dc regulator/rectifier on them stock. The problem i see is that the wr battery is rather small and its about all that it can do to operate the estart, with the constant "pull" of current from adding lights to the dc side of the system the battery will always be weak and the estart may not work.

To do it to where you have no battery problems, either buy a new stator that is DC only or have the stock one rewound that is DC only. Then buy a handlebar switch with Hi/ Lo beam and horn button. Wire the power from the switch directly to battery, add an inline fuse to that. Then wire the ground to the battery. Then wire the handlebar switch to the headlight. Mount a horn somewhere, wire the handle bar switch to horn. Done.

You are basically making it like a regular car, where all the charging power generated by the motor is going to the battery. This will keep it charged up all the time. It will also run the lights when the motor is off. In stock form, half the power generated by motor is being used to run the lights in AC, the other half is going to battery DC.

Ricky Stator, Baja Designs, and Trail Tech can all help you with a phone call.

Oh I forgot, you will need to swap out the stock rectifier/regulator (little black box on left side of steering stem) with another one to work with your new stator setup. Just pick a company and call them. They will set you straight. I used Ricky Stator and had a good experience. They where great to deal with on the phone when I was installing the stator on my 06.

Other option is Trick Dual Sport's Kit. That is what I have on my 09. It by passes the need for a stator. It works, but I still wish I was all DC just for the consistently charged up battery. I may end up doing the stator mod anyway.

Bandit, I just ended up doing the stator mod on my '06 so as to be able to power up my Cyclops LED race light. While it's easy to do, it is nerve racking knowing your cutting & splicing the stock system up. If you go to do it, I'll be able to share some info on helping you thru it. I only got the chance to use the race light for one lap at Starvation Ridge 24hr before calling it quits due to the mud, so no long term test yet!

I did the stator swap on the 06. The thing I'm trying to avoid is having to put that big ugly rectifier/regulator on. I've seen a few alternate mounting spots, but they require welding a little tab. I'm not worried about it right now though. Just need to get my bike wired back up so I can go register it. I've been riding it with the previous owners plate on it.

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