XR 600 Engine Oil Screen

I just changed the oil in my recently acquired used XR600R. The oil was pretty grim. :D The level was fine, and the bike doesn't burn oil, but the color had a silver/grey tint to it that I didn't like. My plan is to run the new oil and filter for a ride or two and then change the oil again. When I do the next change, how important is it that I open up the engine case and clean the internal screen? :) I will definately clean the screen in the downtube and, of course, replace the filter, but I don't really want to deal with cracking the engine case if I can avoid it.

I checked mine a couple of times and never found anything. But if the bike is new to you and you don't know the history it would be wise to do it at least once.

Did you do it in your XR650R? I'd need to get a new gasket if I was going to wouldn't I? I am going to change my clutch springs and know I can take off the clutch cap and it has an O-ring but I'd have to take off that whole side of the case wouldn't I and that means a new gasket?

Just wondering b/c our dealer hasn't had anything for the BRP in stock so I'd have to get them to order one b/f I attempt it.

Thanks in advance!


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