$2000 for 88 xr600???

a friend has an 88 xr 600.. all new plastic, original front tire.. meaning it hasn't been ridden too much,, is it worth 2000 bucks??



I bought a used XR650R instead. :)

Maybe $1500.

I would think 2K is on the high upper end. Look around and I'm sure you could find a deal for the same price on a bike that is 91 or newer that has the rear disk brake. I've owned both an 89 and a 97 and there is no comparison with the brakes in my opinion.

$2000?? Heck NO!!!! He must be on crack.

Maybe $1000!!

It's a 1988. Not a 1998.

I've seen more recent XR600r's for sale in the paper that are far less than 10 years old.

Ckeck out the Kelly Blue Book value


I agree with FasterThanYou $2000 is to much for a 15 year old dirtbike even if it hasn't been ridden much.

A little steep in my opinion! ball park of $1000-1200.00 sounds like cheap fun! i would look for a 91' or newer bike because there is virtually no change in them thru 2000!

But hey a machine is only worth what someone wants to pay! but on the other hand your buddy may tell you to shove it up your hinny if you throw those figures at him!

good luck!

600 max....think of it this way, its a 19 year old headache :applause:

I got my 87 600r for 800.00

depends on what YOUR willing to pay io know i would ask for at least 2500 for my 89 but its only worth what someone will pay

I traded for mine.It was blown up when I got and I put $1500 in it.If that one is a good runner no more than $1500 and I still think thats high for an old dirt bike.

I paid $2500 for a 2000 Model that still has the yellow paint on the bolts from the factory.

I paid $1600 for mine and it's a 96. The guy I bought it from just had an Al Baker 630cc engine put in it 3 weeks before I got it.

oh yeah? well mine was blown with posi traction and dude gave it to me.

seriously, i traded labor for my 88 and sunk a little over a grand into it. if your buddies bike is as unridden as you think it is it will last a long time right? what does it matter if the bike is a late teenager if it hasn't been used?

just some thought. what aside from upgrading to a new pipe and some rubber on the seals and rims would it take to bring it up thumping?


Three years ago I got my '95 600R for $2kwith a fresh engine.

EDIT: It also had full Yoshi exhaust, XRs Only sharkfin, Summers forkbrace, and Race Tech springs.

I picked up my (like new) 97 XR600R for $2K. Whether or not that was a good deal, I dunno. But Im very happy with it

I'm surprised to see that nobody has mentioned Ebay yet.

You can usually find some really good buys there. Granted, you've got to be willing to take the time for a bike that is reasonably close to you to show up, unless you're willing to figure in the shipping fees.

Check Craigslist too. At least with Craigslist you can choose a region to search in.

In answer to your question, 2k for an '88 is pretty steep in my opinion.

Last Nov. I paid about that for 1983 XL600 with 3140 mi. Very well maintained:


I can put both feet on the ground, and it has lots of power. the new ones are so tall it is difficult to commute around town on them. Everything works and hopefully it will well for long time. It is relatively uncomplicated and has no smog stuff. I'm happy with the deal. A new XRL would give me electric start but cost $3000 plus more. I don't think I'd get double the fun. It's up to you and your budget.

I would make an exception for an older bike that is THAT nice.:applause:

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