Rode my new 02 426 for the first time today

Man this thing cooks. I had never ridden a 4-stroke before today and now I will never ride another 2-stroke in my life. I fell one time and it started on the first kick. I had no starting problems all day. I am a 4-stroke fan for life now.

Did you get a feel for the engine braking? The lower you run your idle, the more pronounced this effect becomes.

Your lucky, I just 100% hated my 426 for the first few months. I had 2 stroke so embedded in my brain I just couldn't get the hang of the 426, now the thought of going back to a 2 stroke makes me ill.


Yes, I think I have got the engine braking down. I just think I need more time on the bike to get completely used to it. The only problem I have is that sometimes is in some sharp corners 2nd seems fine in the turn but when I get on the gas to exit the corner it seems to rev out to quick. But, like I said before it will just take time. About the idle, I was told that if you turn the idle down that it is more pron to stalling.

I know the feeling! I was a fast 250 Int./Open MX rider and then had to quit for 4 years to buy a house, start a family, etc. Never had ridden a full-race 4-stroker...then my buddy emailed me with an offer on his used bike...

I got bit by the bug again, and bought a CHERRY '00 426 and fell in LOVE! I rode it one day on a SX/outdoor mix track and was completely hooked! My new springs are in, and I am going riding again Sunday at VP in Floresville TX.

I had no problems adjusting to jumping the thing, in fact, I thought I would have forgotten more, but it all comes back so fast! Now I have got to tune my body back up so I can race again...! I am a TALL rider, 6'4" and 240lbs, and even with stock suspension it was ridable...the stiffer springs will no doubt make it just right...

Feels good to be back into MX again, *sigh* my first love...

If you turn the idle down too much it may stall a little easier but that is something you can experiment with. I added an extra tooth to my rear sprocket which may allow you to pull 3rd through the same corner. Glad to hear your happy with the 426, I'm gettin tired of hearing about the 450...


Just to satisfy my own curiosity, I hooked up my digital tach and tested the lowest idle I could that was reliable. With C-12 fuel and crisp jetting I could get a consistent ~1180RPM. With MR2 and proper jetting, I can get ~1090. Now, I don't use this low of an idle on the track because the engine WILL stall too easily. I run it around 1350, or a little higher. Personally, I use engine braking to my benefit. I find it's most effective if the track is muddy or damp. The chain chatters a bit if I add rear brake at the same time, but I just ignore it. I hear the 2-strokes having chain chatter as well when they brake hard with the rear brake so that's par for the course. It all boils down to finding what works best for you.

Speaking of chain chatter, it took me a while to figure out what the clunk was when I landed somtimes, usually when I landed flat on a table top or something similar. It sounded like the shock was bottoming hard but I didn't feel it bottom so I don't think it's the shock. Finally figured it must be the chain slapping the swingarm on landing. Does anyone else notice this on occasion?


We all get it occasionally. I have found that as long as I am on the gas right before I land the slap goes away. You don't have to be WFO but keep the wheel turning faster than you are going. Keeping the rear wheel turning for acceleration upon landing is also a way to pick up a couple of seconds a lap.



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