What Do I Upgrade next?

Hey TT,

I have a 2006 yz450f runs great and i love it. Suspension is done, new sprockets and chain ect.... so whats next? Im looking for a practical upgrade. I dont care too much about looks, think power and weight.

Have you done exhaust? I wouldn't worry to much about weight

I have a aftermarket header and a stock exhaust , so maybe a slip on would be good.

Oversized front brake rotor went on my bike before I rode it, maybe an accelerator pump cover, and of course jetting if you go with a slip on.

New boots and a stabilizer!

After suspension I would say an oversize front rotor or a steering stabilizer is your next bang for your buck!

What about a Boyesen Super Cooler water pump? Can really help temps in low speed technical riding.

i ride 100% track so not much slow technical stuff for me.

Is your suspension revalved or just rebuilt?

Air Screw and Quick Shot Carb mods, Big front brake, DR.D radiator lowering kit, and a Slip on....and a bunch of air-filters so you can ride non-stop. I loved my '06 and should of kept it for an extra bike.

Flexx handlebars would be a complimate to your suspension.

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