2003 WR450 questions and hello!

First off hello to everyone on here, sorry for asking so many questions in my first post but I'm pretty sure there's going to be a lot more by the time I'm done anyway so I'm hoping you lot can help me out. I have just bought a 2003 WR450f. My first purchases will be a new air filter, oil filter and some good quality oil but I also have some questions to ask based on the research that I have done...

I read about the 'free mods'. My bike is pre 05 so I know it doesn't need AIS removal but will the grey wire mod be needed with it being a UK model? It seems there are several differences between the USA and European/UK models so I'm not sure on this. Also saw some people unhook the TPS, is this something that applies to UK bikes or again just US models?

The issue with the woodruff key- does this only occur when using the E start? The E start on the bike I have bought doesn't work (Possible solenoid issue?) and if the problem only occurs when using an E start I will just use kick start only and not bother to fix mine until I can afford to upgrade with the '04 parts (It kicks easy anyway, especially compared to my CR500 SM)

The bike I have bought has 17" Excel wheels fitted (presumably 5" rear) and the chain has eaten chunks out of the side of the tire and even worse the lip of the rim. I have already adjusted the chain slack (will be buying a new chain shortly as the one fitted is on its last legs) but I have also seen people fit a chain guide/block that appears to help to eliminate this problem. A lot of people seem to use the Graves chain block but I can't find this product in the UK and I was hoping someone would be able to provide me with details of an alternative I can buy over here? I have also seen people who have made a block themselves but I don't know what work is involved in this, it would be helpful if someone who has done this could give me an idea.

People also say you should run a non O ring chain with it being a supermoto as the chain is thinner, again helping with the issue listed above. Any suggestions for a good non-O ring chain?

The bike has a LEXX MXe silencer fitted. I removed the end cap and saw that there was a removable insert beneath but this doesn't seem to do anything other than route the fumes directly through the silencer cap. The silencer itself is fully packed and I don't see any way to remove the packing. Anyone managed to do this with this silencer? I like my bikes LOUD... it isn't going to be used for trail riding/green laning so noise restrictions aren't an issue (I like being heard before I'm seen by car drivers). I have seen that some people have fitted a YZ silencer and cut it down so it looks better- does the fact that the peipe has been cut have a detrimental affect on the power output and would this be a better idea than trying to mod the Lexx one that is currently fitted.

I think that's everything for now. Thanks for any help in advance and in the meantime I'll continue hunting through the many threads on here and get some research done so I hopefully won't have to mither you all with further questions.

Cheers, Ben

Welcome to ThumperTalk Ben! And welcome to the Yamaha family!! Any high quality chain will suffice. I believe the starter issues only happen when using the estart, so you should be good with Kickstart only for now. Hopefully someone will confirm or deny that. Anyone?

Can't help with the WR specifics but the bad news is that even running HD non-0ring chain on my 04 YZ450F if using the 5 inch Excel rim it still chews the Dunlop KR388 full wet and marks the rim slightly (without a chain block/guide).

I run a full length 'SP' silencer that the bike came with, but judging by the results of a noise test this year it barely meets ACU limits. Strictly speed hill climb use for mine though so no road legality to worry about. At least the BS or E marking check at MoT has gone but hopefully you have an understanding MoT tester (worth their weight in gold ^_^ ).

Welcome Ben

Don't have much to contribute except that I ride an '04 Canadian WR450 and in terms of the grey wire...I have one and it is connected but it doesn't seem to be limiting the bike's performance at all...I have no problem keeping up with 450 KTMs and Huskies.

So my feeling is that unless the UK was officially adhereing to the US EPA standards back in '03... you likely do not have an issue with the grey wire.

Thanks for the replies everyone.

Will keep on kicking and forget about the grey wire then, cheers for the help :D

Took the bike out for the first time on Monday and loved it. Still need to source a good chain block though or pretty soon the rear rim will be totalled.

I have a very friendly MOT tester fortunately. Friendly enough to pass the highly modified CR500 for street use anyway! So no issues with the noise :ride:

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