california DMV/dual sport question

i thought i heard somewhere that if i at least "start" my paperwork with the dmv before the end of the year i can get my bike dual sported...

so does that mean i can go out, fill out the paper work, turn it in all before i install or even purchase a dual sport kit?

as long as i start the paperwork before the end of the year can i wait to get the kit?

You need to get a lighting inspection done prior to going to the DMV. The lighting is basically the dual sport kit, then you gotta add a horn and a mirror. I bought the kit, installed it and then got the lighting inspection from my local dealer. Then I made an appointment for the DMV. I didnt even bring my bike, no inspection from the DMV. Spent a hour in the DMV filling out paperwork(10 minutes) and figuring out how to get it registered in the computers(50 minutes). Patience is the key!!!


I'm scheduled to go to the DMV next week for mine. Is there anything I need to bring with me other than the following?

DMV Statement of Facts - For "I have recieved and read CHP 888" signed by me

DMV Statement of Facts - All CHP form 888 required equipment is in place and operational signed by my dealer

Current valid OHV registration

"Brake & Light" inspection invioce from dealer

Any form numbers to provide the DMV person to help them find the correct things faster?


I think you have it covered. I just got mine street registered in Ca. about three weeks ago with the exact forms you just described. Went pretty smooth however I had to suffer from some heavy sighs and "looks" :mad:from the lady behind the counter when I told her what I was there to do. She didn't like the idea that she had to spend the time to figure out what she needed to do to deal with me. I just smiled alot and was patient and ended up walking out with my plate and an empty wallet. Good luck and I hope you happen to get a seasoned clerk. :)

I would also recommend liability insurance. The dmv agents ask for it some forget. Just received the plate for my KTM today! The best advice I got on the dual sport process was to use an agent. No standing in line two hours or making appointments with the deadline nearing:

California Auto Licensing

9719 Campo Road

Spring Valley, Ca. 91977

619 667 9561

If your paper work is in order I`d send it to Louise, well worth the forty bucks she charges. :)

Any form numbers to provide the DMV person to help them find the correct things faster?


Chapter 30, Section 30-335 of the DMV guide book which will walk them through the process

jeff :)

I just read that they pushed back the new law regarding dual sports to January 2005. :)

where?????? :)

December Dirt Rider, page 36. But I was wrong it was only extended until January 31 04'. it says the convertion prosses must be started by January 31, 2004.

One question....

Does the bike have to be bought before Janurary 1, 2004?

yes, all bikes up to '04 with a green sticker have to be purchased by Dec. 31, 2003. then it says the conversion must be started by January 31, 2004

One question....

Does the bike have to be bought before Janurary 1, 2004?

from baja designs website-

Bottom Line: The California DMV has issued a Memo stating that in order to Dual Sport a Green Sticker motorcycle in California, the bike must possess a purchase date on or before 12.31.03.

Paperwork to initiate the registration process must be started by 01.31.04.

jeff :)

Thanks guys.....

Kinda messes up my plans which were to dual sport the 250 Honda 4 stroke electric start.

Can't get it until mid Jan. at the earliest. Drat.

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