2005 wr450, advice on heated grips and stator upgrade

Fellas, I've unfortunately not been able to ride the past three months becasue of a minor wreck that's takign way too long to heal from.

At any rate, I'm planning to extend my riding season by adding some heated grips.

I did do research on here and read a few threads but I need some help.

I'm still new to the WR so my questions are this:

How can I tell if the PO installed a DC converter or did a stator upgrade?

If PO did not, what stator upgrade should I do to power heated grips and a GPS?

Finally, what heated grips are you guys having the best results with?

Thanks in advance!

I run my gps and aux high intensity lights directly off the battery. the battery acts as a buffer so it will not hit your electrical system so hard.. just remember to turn your stuff off when not needed to allow a full charging of the battery. I think you will find that almost all the heated grips out there are under 2.5 amp on high. note my HID lights have a nomial operating draw of 5a with a ballast assisted 30a startup.

You shouldn't need any electrical system upgrade to run heated grips and power a GPS. Like allterra said, run it off the battery so you have some buffer built in.

Or you could do what I did and float the ground on your stator making it output 100%DC to charge the battery, convert your headlight to an HID and run a DC regulator. Then you whll have more than enough charging power.

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