Hip hinge and back posture for speed and efficient riding

I read quite a bit about the hip hinge, unlocking your hips for separation of the lower and upper body, and for efficient riding.

This is an example:



I am including some of these hip-hinge exercises into my weekly routines (3 x half hour runs/sprints plus 20 minutes stationary exercises and weight work), and I am trying to stick my bum out just like RC in attempt to load my legs and be more efficient when riding racing.

I am a vet expert offroad (Xc, harescramble, GP) and intermediate MX rider 32 years old.

Please share other links or articles about back posture and the correct positioning of your hips if you have advice.

I have been riding and racing my whole life, and I feel as though this is a technique I have not really developed too much, but which could be useful.

If there are folks on TT that have been to one of the Ryno's (Ryan Hughes') riding schools, and who can elaborate on what he means by 'unlocking your hips', that would be awesome. If you are a fan of any of these techniques, or have other theories on how to use your back and hips, please post here.

Thanks, Swap

my guess is you are probably 'unlocking' your hips already. If you have correct body position on the bike and an aggressive attack position, then you probably aren't missing anything technique wise.

I read some of ryno's articles and watched a couple of his videos and the unlocked hips things was something you don't even realize your doing, but once it's pointed out to you and you recognize it while riding, it makes a lot of sense.

I haven't read up on any of his technique in a while, but i remember the focus being on riding on the balls of your feet, using your legs more and your arms/hands less and the hip unlocking.

For the hip unlocking, if you think about someone new to riding, a lot of times when they stand up they stay very upright and tight, they don't bend at this hips and they don't use their lower body enough and grip through the bars too much. Unlocking you hips occurs pretty naturally when you get into an aggressive riding stance. When you start by crouching more and bending at the knees, you have no choice but your bring your butt back and down. From there you have to bend forward more and the hips and with your back to get your helmet back forward, down and over/past your bars.

I always found the term 'unlocking' your hips a little misleading because i never felt like they really unlocked or allowed me some magical new riding technique. You can unlock your hips if you stand up right now where ever you are reading this. Start by standing up strait, feet shoulder width apart, pelvis forward legs strait, back arched and shoulders back. With your pelvis forward you are in the locked position, to unlock, relax your back a little while maintain the arch, bend your knees slightly and push your pelvis back as you bring your weight forward slightly. That's all it is, the difference between riding rigidly and crouching more and bending at the hips.

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I agree with everything said above and will add one more thing.

This technique is used mostly in the attack position. So practicing going from attack to sitting up and on the tank for a corner, is what will help develop the technique on bike. Its hard to develop something like this off the bike because you're out of context, but in context, thats the best method I've found.

New referencewhich may add to the discussion on lower back pain and core streght. Courtesey of Transworld and Charles Dao:


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Pretty much all the realy fast riders I know use kidney belts, for sure the fast vets. Supposed to help support your lower back and kidneys. I just purchased one, havent used it yet. looking forward to it.

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