cracked tank update

some of you may remember that about a month ago i published my "letter to yamaha" where i detailed the problems i encountered when trying unsuccessfully to have the cracked gas tank on my 2000 yz426 warrantied. the letter was part of a package that i sent out of desperation to terry beal, yamaha's top marketing exec in the u.s. the rest of the package included the tank itself, photographs of my very not-wrecked motorcycle, and documentation regarding other owner's difficulty over the same issue.

well, to make a long story less long, i just picked up my new tank! about 3 weeks after i mailed the package, yamaha customer service called and informed me that they had notified the service manager at my dealership that he would need to order me a new tank as soon as i came in and authorized it. needless to say, i wasted about 0.2 seconds doing that, and the tank is here a week later, free of charge. none too soon either, as the spare tank from my '99 400 that i've been using cracked right after i sent the package off!

i just want to say that i really appreciate yamaha taking positive action on this. it was a hell of a fight, and i spent quite a bit of time getting it resolved, but ultimately, they did the right thing, and i respect that. for all you others out there, let this be an example of consumer advocacy. if you have the same kind of problems, don't hesitate to take a position. if you have patience and handle it politely but firmly, you do have a chance!


will pattison

racer, engineer

curious if you took it to CY?

Good Luck this weekend.

Got the cast off yesterday, and will re-hab for three weeks then be back at it.


Congrates on the battle. A few months ago I broke my tank on an 00', unfortunately, at the time, no one was making a OEM replica tank, all were oversized and I ride only MX.

The tank was 270 bucks. I did not crash either, had a pretty hard impact though. Best I could tell, the little tab under the tank that the rubber strap hooks to appeared to be too high, so I bent it down. I really dont want to break another one. Have there been alot of 426 tanks cracking????

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