yz plastic on a wr

Hey guys im new to the site, I have a 2010 wr 450 and would like to get rid of the headlight and taillight will the plastic off a yz 450 fit on it. Thanks

yes, the front plate, shrouds and fenders are from 06 YZ450 if i recall. Only side plates and tank are 2011 wr450 (note that the front plate tilts a bit forward due to the speedo.) The YZ rear fender will need to be drilled and slightly modified to accomodate the wr mounting. Small spacers and longer bolts are needed on the upper rear mounts. The ECU that is above the coolant tank fits nicely behind the battery under the seat and the wires reach fine. motorcyclesuperstore.com has polisport front and rear fenders for like 3.99 in various colors. shrouds are like 9.99


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Thanks for the info

I dont know about those prices???????

better hurry, they are running out of good colors. I just ordered a new rear fender in the yellow as a spare.



Polisport MX Rear Fender Time to give your bike a new look or replace scuffed, scratched, and/or broken plastics. Polisport's high gloss replacement Side panels will give your bikes bodywork a shot of aesthetic appeal by the Durable Glossy Polypropylene's high gloss shine. Polisport is proud to…

MSRP $19.95-$26.95 $3.99 - $4.99

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So if I order a ufo or polisport kit for a 2006 yz 450 she should pretty much bolt on other the the side # plates

Don't you guys ever ride at night or get stuck out in the dark??

I removed the lights, computer, odo cable, and replaced rear fender on the 06 I had for racing. that headlight was heavy and I kept hitting trees and breaking it during normal rides. I also freaked out at the weight difference b/t the YZ and 06 WR rear fenders. That old style WR rear fender was waaaayyyyyy heavier.

Now I did run a number plate while racing Harescrambles, but ended up missing the odo, so I put it back on and ran my "XC" mode headlight shell without the light itself.

I used some 1/8 plexi glass to block off the dirt getting in and some black mesh, zip tied in the headlight hole.

I thought it looked tough like the solid black grille of a 70's era musle car.


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Another shot


My inspiration.

Not my car, but man I wish it was.....


I couldn't believe how heavy the WR rear fender was/is either! YZ fender is much lighter.

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