2008 YZ450F Fork Free Piston Issue

I was freshening up my forks tonight and noticed the white plastic free piston was cracked from end to end. I was prepared to do the mod on them so this wouldn't happen but I guess I was too late. Here is my situation, the riding days are getting short in Indiana and it is going to be in the 60's this weekend. My first priority is to try to get a replacement by Friday but if that is not possible, is it okay to put it back together and ride it until the part comes in? Thanks

I wouldn't. Runs the risk of the piston coming completely apart and causing more damage.

Thanks G.R...... Sound advice. Bad news is I couldn't get the part from California in time but a shop in Elizabethtown KY had a couple of pistons and sent them out this morning on a promise that I would send him a check. You don't get treated like that everyday. Thank you Bill at Suspension Plus!!

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