2011 suspension issue with "lowering" link

Time to rethink my suspension.

I have a 2011 YZ450 with stock suspension and a YAMALINK "Race" lowering link. At 5'7" I was having trouble touching the ground so I added the link to lower the seat height. At 190lbs I was already at the top (or above) of the limits of the stock shock spring and with the effects of the link I started bottoming hard once I got back to racing speed. At my last race I was running 2nd and bottomed hard enough off a flat landing jump to stop the rear wheel on the fender stalling the engine.

By the time I get back from Afghanistan I will be below 180lb (pre injury weight)...just to complicate things more. I already have done a bunch of mods to this bike (DR.D rad-lowering kit, MRD exhaust, Radiators, Cycra Radiator scoops/intake, EBC 270mm front brake kit, Quick Turn throttle, and GYTR tuner) and think the suspension will be the finish piece to make it perfect for me.

I loved how the link let me touch the ground a little better but hate what it did to the action. I plan on having my suspension redone at Pro-Action but am up in the air about what to do about the linkage. Should I go back to the stock link and have it lowered, get a less aggressive link, or just buy a stiffer spring leaving the link?

I had my 2011 Gold Valved with a lowering link and I think I'm in agreeance with you, I'm not sure I like the action of the link. I've thought about swapping back to the factory link and just getting the engine relocation kit as that seems to have the most positive feedback.

I think I am going back to the stock link, lowering the front and rear 1-1 1/2 incches, re-vavle, stiffer-spring, and use the DR.D relocation kit.....Good bye deployment money.

Anyone have/know of a good "how to" on cutting down the subframe?

I personally wouldn't mess with the subframe, they seem to be a bit fragile.

I'd try the stock link, suspension revalve and relocation kit first. Thats the set up I have and I love it (I'm also 6'1" though). Getting the suspension done on a bike is always the first thing on my list. Before performance mods, I need good suspension :)

The first thing I did was the link, The suspension was great right out the box but I could not touch the ground like I wanted....wife said it was funny watching me try to back away from the starting gate with my toes just missing the ground. After I got less slow the shock started blowing through travel.

You are very right about the subframes. I am on my third one.

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