So when are we going to have us a WR450 ride?

I usually hit up some place out West for a good 3 day DS and singletrack ride once a year. Some of you I would like to meet and ride with. Be kind of neat if a good size group of us could hook up in the Rockies or wherever for an annual WR450 fest. I'm thinking Moab for June 2013.

Any takers?

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Great Idea! A bunch of us Montana Maniacs are planning on hitting Moab this spring. Does that work for you?

Do ya'll have a date yet?

6 of us wwill be doing a loop from colorado, wyoming, idaho and utah end of june in to early july next year

How many days you thinking that loop will be?

we're anticipating 7 straight days of riding, camping most days with a couple hotel days in there.

a few of our wives & kids are flying out to meet us for the last few days, probably hanging out at a ranch to wind down

I could do Idaho.. that's as far east as I could get though.

how about a WA riders ride? WA guys want to have a good ride in a few weeks at Walker?

I'm in UT about three hours from Moab, I could see meeting you all down there. I used to go there alot, but not so much anymore. We go to places like it, but with no crowds or tree huggers. n16ht5 I've been wanting to ride some single track in ID for a while now, maybe next summer? I can start picking some brains on where to go.

There's a video of these guys riding this trail on a cliff in Idaho.. forget the name.. it was above the snake river or something

Thats some dudes I know from KTMtalk who shot that video. I have some friends who go to Idaho in Aug for the RMD Spodefest most years. They go for 2 weeks though, kind of hard for me to go that long.

There's a video of these guys riding this trail on a cliff in Idaho.. forget the name.. it was above the snake river or something

That's called the south fork trail on the South Fork of the Salmon River near Yellow Pine, Idaho. It's one nasty trail for sure.... we go fishing along that stretch of river every September and I've seen guys riding there. It was literally built in the early 1900's as a pack trail, and there are several areas along the trail where it has washed away due to the water run-off from the small creeks coming down. You can actually see it in some parts of the video and you can hear them hammer the throttle to clear the wash.

You won't catch me on that trail for sure.... the penalty for failure is extreme along those cliffs, and I know there are many areas you would not survive if you got bounced off the track.

Sounds awesome lets ride it!

My family vacation is going to be Mt. Zion, Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell, then work our way through the other Parks up towards Moab. We will be in our motorhome. It will be in June for sure. Will have some exact dates here pretty soon.

So if any of you live near these areas and would like to hook up or at least tell me where I should go, let me know. I'm game for anything from hardcore single track to Dual Sporting jeep roads.

Looks like June 3rd-14th I'll be roaming around Southern Utah with my wife, 6 yr old son, and my WR.

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