02 WR 426 Buddy Pegs

Has anyone installed buddy pegs on their WR's? My kids are always wanting a ride and they struggle with wanting to put there feet on something. Is this a good idea? Any resources that work for this bike?

Come on ... nobody has buddy pegs???


I saw some cheezy clamp on ones at the local yamaha dealer.

I'm not looking for a cheezy set of foot pegs. Rather I'm looking to weld a nice set on ... something like what comes stock with the Suzuki DRZ street legal 400's. I was hoping to find someone who has done this and perhaps what worked and what they would do different. Hate to weld on the frame if it really doesn't work very well.

Last summer was my first one on the road and I had to convince my wife that she would love motorcycle so I installed buddy pegs on the WR because I did not have enough money to buy a road bike.

I installed KTM buddy pegs on my WR. My wife rides on with me as a passenger often when roading... I welded two pieces of metal to the subframe as brackets on the left side of the bike (sprocket side)to make the first peg fit.

I then used the bottom attachment of the subframe and the lower attachment of the rear brake "switch" (I don't know the correct word to use) to fit the second one. The rear brake pedal pushes on that little cylindrical piece that is held by two bolt and I used the bottom one to install the right peg.

The left side was straight forward but I needed the experience of a talented welder to make the right one fit. We retapped the holes and used bigger bolts than the original ones to make sure the right one would hold on. It did well. My wife is 150 pounds, out of the shower and we had absolutely no problems.

If you need more help, I can try to do some pictures and send it to you. Use the PM if needed


Thanks ... that's exactly the information I was looking for :). Pics would be awesome! A picture's worth a thousand words.

OK, you will have to give me a few days to take the pics,scan and post those pics because the bike is in my father's garage right now and it's a little bit far from here :D. I'll take the pics as soon as I can and will send them to you. If you ever feel that I forgot you, please, feel free to send me a private message OK? I am very busy at the moment but you know, I received more than I gave on this forum because guys here are more experienced than I am :) so I would be happy to help... :D

Take care

This is a view from of the left side buddy peg. You,ll see on those two pics the little welding job to put on some brackets to bolt the pegs on.



Here is a view from the left side. Notice that 1) the peg bolts over the CRD frame protector 2) that it is not perfectly aligned with the other 3) where it bolts.

My wife doesn't notice the little difference in the alignment...


Closer view


On this pick you can notice that a little cylindrical shim was welded behind the upper holding arm of the peg. This was done to allow the peg to reach the mounting hole of the subrame without squeezing the CRD frame protector.


This shot shows the holes where the peg bolts: the upper bolts in the subframe original hole and the second bolts in the lower hole of the rear brake switch. We had to drill and tap that lower hole of the rear brake switch in order to use a bigger bolt to make it more solid. That switch is not made of steel so you have to be careful, drilling, taping and even bolting...


I took this shot to show you again the little shim that was welded on the upper arm of the foot peg. This again allowed to reach the frame without squeezing the frame protector.


Finally, if you want to do the exact same installation, note the orientation of the pegs because the two holding arms are not the same lenght. On the left side, the short arm is on top. On the right side, the long one is on top. You will have to adjust the orientation of the footrests thereafter...

My wife and I went through 3000Km of road and about 300 of trails with that set up this year and everything went fine :D. It is still holding great. I even crashed with those pegs in place but did not break them. You have to be carefull while kickstarting though, specially if you have long feet :D

HTH :)

baja designs has weld on rear pegs made for converted dual sports. look in the dec. issue of dirt rider on page 200, they feature them in gear bag.they look sweet and are only $99.it says that they also come in a bolt on version.

These are similar products to the KTM pegs I've bought. You guys have to be worried not to install those too high or to far forward because the passenger would get tired rapidly...


Thanks a ton for posting the pics :). I sent you a PM on this.

Are the U shaped bars part of the weld on kit ... I'm thinking they are what your using to lower the pegs for passenger comfort?

I checked out the pegs on BD. Looks like they are for the Honda XR. $99.00? They look just like the Suzuki DRZ 400 pegs. I would still have to weld them on???

The XR pegs have to be welded. There is a steel biscuit aimed to be welded and through which you must bolt the pegs.

The KTM pegs don't come with such a metal piece to weld. They come with the u-shaped bracket. This bracket is aimed to be bolted directly throught the frame of ktm bikes which is sqared shaped instead of circular like the WR's. You cannot bolt the KTM brackets into the WR subframe because it is circular and too small in diameter. You must either weld holding mounts to the frame (like I did on the left side) or use existing holes (like I did on the right side) to bolt the KTM pegs u-shaped brackets...

If you use the exact same technique that I showed in the pics, the pegs won,t be too high or far forward. My wife is 5'8'' and feels full comfortable for at least 45 min non stop on the bike even on trails.

The back part of my seat is repacked though.

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