Torque Stuffer

What is this? Browsing eBay, and I see this listed under WR.


They claim that it broadens the low-end at no sacrifice to the top-end. I know that a 4-stroke likes a smidge of back-pressure, but this seems overly restrictive.

Any thoughts?

Ebay ad.

Where do they suggest you put it? :D

You don't mount it on your seat do you? :)


it goes in the head pipe at the head.makes the head effectively smaller,thus the torque claim.

Your lucky you are three blocks away, Jimmy, or I'd....

:):D :D

They say it fits in your head-pipe where it bolts to the engine.


My mind tells me it is nothing but added restriction....


(Lil' Jimmy on a 2 smoker? What did you do with the other XR50?)

It probably works on a stock WR with no mods because if no air gets into the engine then there is no sense in letting any get out! We all spend time getting the bikes to breath and now we are supposed to choke them back up-----seriously!----- :) WR Dave

As if the 450 needs more torque. Did someone really sit down and think they could sell an item giving the 450 more torque?

I put one in an atv I used to have. I think I got it from White Bros. It did seem to improve bottom end torque, but the top end suffered.

I have a PN I'll sell you if you believe that increasing velocity does not create a peak flow debit :D:)

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