Please give me honest Opinion 2012 yz450f or crf450r

Just sold my 08 kx450f and am lookin to buy a new left over bike. I have narrowed my decision down to a Honda or Yamaha 2012 for both but constantly go back and forth between the two. I do not officially race but do ride local motocross tracks frequently. I would say my riding percentage is 85% track, 15% trails. I realize I am asking this question in a Yamaha forum (maybe my subconscious is telling me something) but from everything I've been reading the honda is a much better off the floor package in regards to handling and Yamaha I've read has great power but issues with being to abrupt and awkward handling. Love the reliabilty of the Yamaha though. If there is anybody that has had the opportunity to ride both and give thier honest assessment I would greatly appreciate it. Looking to buy in the next couple weeks.

I would go with the YZ450F personally, I own a 2011 YZ450F did the rekluse core exp, dubach racing radiator lowering kit and engine relocation kit, GYTR 4.44oz flywheel weight, pro-circuit lowering linkage arm and lowered my fork tubes slightly and that bike is the best woods bike I have ever owned... It handles like a 250 and has all the balls in the universe. It's easy to program with the GYTR powertunner. I just think the YZ is easier to program compared to the CR and it's easier to start. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with going red. That's just my opinion from riding the YZ and trying out a CR recently. I have owned a few bikes and by far this is the funnest bike I have ever ridden.

Thanks. I guess I should have mentioned because I am going new I won't have extra money for a while to do a ton of upgrades. I do agree with you about the ease of tuning with the tuner. I know with the tuner you can make alot of changes to the bikes power output guess I'm just nervous about handling.

Id go with the yz. Work on suspension set up and riding technique its a 2012 450 there all more bike then 98% can use to full potential I went yz because of the stock suspension, easy to work on and you can't kill the motors. I know it'll take care of me for as long as I own it.

I had the 09 CRF. Could never get the suspension sorted out. The bike almost killed me. It coughed on the face of a jump and sent me into a huge endo and head first landing. This was a meticulously maintained bike with just under 20 hours and splitstream filter in the tank from new. I ended up with a 2011 YZ 450. I did some minor clicker adjustments and the suspension was ready to race! In fact, it saved my ass irst race when i shorted a double and landed on the front wheel. It soaked it up and stayed straight long enough for me to go back from the front fender to the seat. I was never comfortable turning the CRF or going fast on rough straights. In a addition to the revalved suspension I also had a link on the bike. I haven't put a link on the YZ. I accidentally discovered that tall bars make a huge difference on the YZ. I am not a tall rider so I wouldnt normally put tall bars on any bike, but had them for our KTMs. The taller bars changed the rider position, more upright, and made you feel like you were sitting in rather than on. Love the bike and looking to put 100 hrs on ot before I replace it and by then the new redesigned bike should be out.

I LOVE the stock suspension on mine. If I was taller I would never change it. I have plowed into the landing of doubles that would have ended badly on other bikes and just rode it out. I rode a recently refreashed '08 CRF and the suspension was nowhere close to mine. The owner rode my bike once and was mad...we spent over an hour trying to get him comfortable on his bike again. I have seen nothing but good things from the new CRFs but it is still no Yamaha.

Oh yeah, I am sure after the nukes stop falling and we are all wandering the waistlands searching for gas and water everyone will be on YZs.

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I found 2012 of both bikes $6300 OTD. Think I'm going to put a deposit on the YZ today. Thanks, everyone is confirming how my gut feels.

I love the looks of the '09+ Hondas and especially the '13, all great looking bikes. My '04 CRF450 has over 200hrs without anything failing beyond the waterpump and I love the Showa twin-chamber forks. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to sell this bike! As for the Yamaha, even though I don't really buy into any of the negativity about the chassis, there's definitely something negative about the bike burned into my brain. However, there are a several points that really sell me on the Yamaha; crazy reliable, great power, great suspension, good everything else. So, if it were my money, I'd buy the YZ without thinking twice about it.

I will help you stop thinking about an other bike than the YZ450F 2010-2013. I test a lot of bikes and they have all mistakes. But there are advantages with the YZ450F because it's by far the most reliable completely. The handling is also very good when you change some simple parts and the motor is the best running whne you learn to use the throttle. The front is very good when you change the fork springs std. springs are 0.46 kg/mm and 0.47 kg/mm are a little better but 0.48 kg/mm are the optimum with these springs the stinkbug is gone the steering is much better also in short turning and you can ride much faster and with much less use of muscle power. In the rear you must change the std. spring 5.7 kg/mm to a 5.5 kg/mm. After this adjust the clickers and you have a much better bike. About the little other stuff to minimize maintenance buy a twin air filter cover I mean the cheap net to put over the std. filter and you can ride about 10 to 15 hours with one filter. Than put a 2mm thick washer on the steeringbeearingseal to stiffen the seal up and your steering bearings will last for ever. When you want more info to improve the bike to works specifications in the suspension apartment please aske me. This bike is so good it could win the shootout easily and maybe it will win in the future even it is a 2010 bike.

I've been a yamaha fan for a while. I bought a '12 in big part because I heard about how reliable they are. 5-10 hours in on a brand new '12 and I've had to put a new clutch in and a new fork seal. Sounds like maybe I just have bad luck but so far this isn't how I pictured it going.

I do really love the way it rides. I think it's faster and smoother than the '03 I came of off. To be honst though, I didn't notice a huge difference between my '03 and the '12.

I have ridden both, mine is the yz 2011 so i will try be unbiased,

All bikes need to be set up to rider preferance, some just need a little more, but each has its plusses and minuses, I have tried the PC lowering link but run stock now with my forks flush with the clamp, DrD engine relocation lit, rear tire as far back as i can get it, correct valving front and back (which most bikes need anyway), good tires, I run Bridgestone 403/404 combo, and the bike is excellent,

You may not have to do the engine relocation kit on the Honda, but once you have done it on the yz the bikes are about equal except for a few things as mentioned before,

1. Best suspension is on the Yz

2. Best power once you have programmed it for what you like

3. Easier reprograming of fuel injection

4. Most reliable bike

5. Impo the better looking bike

6. The Yz corners better than the Honda, the irritating wiggle at turn in is all but gone

The Honda was good, but I way prefer my Yz, yes it needs a little work to get it really good, but once its there its tops !

I personally have not ridden the 09-12 Hondas. However I did own an 11 Rmz before I got my current bike which is a 12 yzf. I found the turning ability of the Rmz to be a negative for my style. I love the Yamaha, it's stable but light in the air. I find it very confidence inspiring. Excellent suspension is a big plus for me too. Fantastic bike. I intend to do a few of the tweaks mentioned above over the off season and I am sure it will make a good bike even better.

You will not go wrong with the Yamaha. Like all bikes it can be made better but it does not suffer any 'issues' unlike most of the others.

My 2 cents.

Another story, this week I tested a brand-new 2013 RMZ450 and it was disappointing bad suspension and balance power not even close to the yamaha and less stable. Today I rode a RMZ450 2012 with modified suspension this was a huge difference and the power feld also better but not like the YZF when you push the YZF to the limit it's much more stable and it revs longer and stays more balanced. These bikes are both very good bikes but the YZF has something more.

I have both, 2013 crf450r & 2010 yz450f with gtyr head,cams, 14-1 piston, fc suspension,dr.d rad lowering, 2.5mm motor kit (forward) both are excellent the 13 honda feels much lighter, turns anywhere and has a 38 5/8 inch seat height compared to my yamaha's stock 39.3 (honda has a custom 5/8 taller seat on it),honda's very thin and the revavled air fork is better than the yamaha(not by much but it is) . bottom line tall guy 6' or better yamaha ,6' or less honda. Yes, my yz is very fast,but easy to ride. I hope my new honda is as rock solid as my yz has been.

I would go Honda all the way. I had an 11 Yamaha and hated that big pig (loved my 09 yz though) The suspension on the yz is better but the Honda will turn circles around the Yammie. I had the engine relocate kit n my yz as well. Buy the Merge knuckle and stiffer clutch springs for the Honda and your golden. I traded my 11 yz for the 11 honda and every time we switch ride my friend comments how great the Honda handles, he does like his Yz for the motor though. As far as reliability goes there about a wash as both have issues. I just had two friends have their hubs blow out on the yz's and cause major damage (2k +) and another on the Honda have his tranny go south.

Well after a lot of research, listening and talking to a lot of people TT included, I decided to go with the YZ. Just picked up a 2012 this morning and is now siting cozily in my garage. I chose the YZ mainly for the durability and suspension (I like the way it looks too). Cant wait to break it in tomorrow. Thanks for all the feed back.

Congratulations, let us know how it goes

Well after a lot of research, listening and talking to a lot of people TT included, I decided to go with the YZ. Just picked up a 2012 this morning and is now siting cozily in my garage. I chose the YZ mainly for the durability and suspension (I like the way it looks too). Cant wait to break it in tomorrow. Thanks for all the feed back.

Just did the same thing, bought a brand new 12 after seeing this thread and reading up on here about opinions. After the first ride I can't believe how much of an awesome bike it is. Your going to love it!

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