CRF 450 test ride report

I rode the famous CRF today that my riding buddy purchased, this was the first time he or me had rode a CRF.

My buddy, Curt is a 44 year old x racer from back in tha day, and was probably the best in south east Texas in his prime. He currently owns a 2001 CR 250, and is a very fast rider on flat ground and especially in cornering techniques. By the way, he has his picture in the full crash and burn issue from 1979, the picture was taken in 1975 at the famous Rio Bravo.

Well enough of that, here is my findings after riding the bike.

It has a real light nimble feel to it due to the lighter weight and lower center of gravity of the engine.

After 1 lap I was perfectly at ease on this machine, as if I was riding my 01 426.

The track was very lomy, the first thing I notice was the superb cornering of the bike, its a point and go kinda bike.

The 426 seems to have a little more bottom end than the CRF, but when you gas it and it gets close to mid range it hooks.

The second thing I noticed is that it has a perfect flight plan, just hold a constant throttle and it flies staight and true.

I have to admit this thing is a breeze to start, and the most important thing to me is clutch pull, It feels like a 125 clutch.......what is the deal with that , I want a clutch like that, damn it was a light clutch pull.

This might be due to running seperate oil sumps for the engine and clutch.

The only con I had about the bike was the same gripe I have with all stock forks on CR's. The front end seems light and tends to be upset easily over fast sharp choppy type terrain. It was headshaking a little on the choppy stuff. No big deal though, this can be fix with a good valving job, or it might be able to be adjusted out on the rebound.

I perfer a complete suspension job though.

Over all this is a very cool bike and I'm happy to see the other Thumpers coming to life, my 01 426 and my bud's 02 450 ran neck and neck all day.

Myself I'm holding out for the 03 YZ 426-450, what can I say I'm a yamie fan, just like my bud is a Honda fan.

Its 95% rider, If I had the money I would own a red and a blue one.

You should of seen the double take looks my freinds gave me when they seen me in my all blue gear on a Honda CR 250 look alike making a Thumping sound, I said....can you beleive it, they made a red one....LOL.

I seen know real advantages the CRF has over the 426, except for the clutch pull, and this is not really and advantage.

Beleive me Yamaha will awnser in 03 with some major changes that we are all going to love.

Fun Bike overall !!!!!!!!!

If you got any question feel free to ask.

Later, Jason


We drained the tank of the pump gas and put 105 octane VP red in it, and within an hour the tailpipe went from black to a nice chalky white color.

jaybird , Thanks for your honest opinion and for not trashing the 450 I think it will make the 426 better also .

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