Where are the new '04 WR450's?

Has anyone seen them arrive in their area recently?

one on the dealer floor for about 2 seconds last week

We've got two, in WA!


I got one in Colo Spgs.

I dropped off my TTR for the dealer to sell. I'll be rolling the dice and taking a chance on the '04 when she arrives.


My buddy who bought my wr 250 last year, has a 04 450 waiting at the dealership. I looked at it this morning. He is picking it up Monday. Sweeeet!

Has anyone seen them in MS, TN, TX, LA?

Got one sitting in my garage in Reno. There is only one left at the dealer now.


My racing buddy picked up his 04 WR 450 today. We did most of the free mods. The new kickstand is NICE. I think the torque limiter on the starter is a very good thing. My friend seems to think it digs a better trench than the 250 across his yard when he gets on it

We are just south of Sarasota.

I would like to see a picture of that new kickstand :):D :D

This waiting is getting old..... :)


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