Panoram CPU

Hey all,

I have been looking to get a panoram cpu for my 400 for the last 3months.

I have checked all the local dealers and they were all around 79bucks all the way up to 100bones installed.

I found it on for $80 for the kit.

I searched and searched and finally found it for for 41.95 plus $5 shipping.


gettin ready to order it and decided to wait til' monday and just pay the 2day $17shipping.

Over the wkend I was at walmart just browsing the bike stuff with my 3yr old and LOW and behold their it was.........

Panoram cpu $29 labled NEXT instead of Topeak

Just need to splice in about 14inches of wire to make it long enuf.

I used an old set of walkman speaker wire.

You do HAVE to solder it together though. wire nuts or tape will not work.

solder is a must.

Good ol' Wally World!

Might save someone $40 or even have someone buy one that didn't want to pay 80bucks!

I will post pix if i get a hold of the dig. cam. again



Nope BOY, That's not THUNDER ridin your butt, It is a whole damn HURRICANE!!!!G4

Thanks for posting. I just went and picked one up at Wally World. I had e-mailed the company that makes the cpu about the one that I already had. It has been acting up when I have tried changing screens do to mud and water getting on it. They said if it was do a part inside going bad they would replace it, but if not they would sell me a new cpu for$45.00. The Wally World buy is a much better fix.

I saw those at wal mart myself a few weeks ago and wondered if the sensors & stuff were the same. Pat, let me know how it works and I'll go grab one! I'm getting that huge odometer off my WR anyway, but have to wait for the spacer to replace it. Let me know if you're riding this week.

Scott, if you want to try using the wiring kit that came with my new kit you are more than welcome to try it before you buy one. The wiring kit is set up for a bicycle but I do believe it can work on a motorcycle with a little mod. And I'll be ride this week out at S&S, but I don't know what day yet.

went riding today and the cpu worked awesome.

Just remember you need to splice in a section of wire. I used an old pair of headsets and cut them off.

You HAVE TO solder it though!

will not work other wise!

The distance thing is awesome detail.

Max speed 88.9mph with 15/48

thru the single track that is a little whooped out i was max 51.9

It was great and looks very TRICK too!

The sensor works fine on mcycle.

Need to zip tie to the bracket that the brakes mount to. Behind the sensor to move it closer to the disc where the magnet is mounted, I folded up some black tape to create a spacer and it may stay on longer with the tape taking some of the vibration.

Lay your wheel on a bench with the disc down flat on it and put the magnet in one of the slots that matches where the sensor will pick up.

I used JB WELD and let it set overnite!

will post pix if i can get the dig. cam.



Nope BOY, That's not THUNDER ridin your butt, It is a whole damn HURRICANE!!!!G4

Almost forgot.

For those that don't want to attempt the soldering thing ........Trail Tech will sell the sensor w/cord and docking station for the right length for $19.50 plus $5.50 s/h

so once you hook it up correctly it just works or do you need to program in the wheel size,...,...? Is it easy to mount or do you need to buy something else for it. Thanks for the help.



If life is not a blur. You aren't going fast enough

Everything you need is in the kit at wally world.

you just need to splice in some small gauge wire i think it is 24ga or 20ga?


I had to black tape around the bars to make it large enuf circumfirence so the mounting bracket would fit snuggly to the bars.

thats it!


Whats a CPU

Central Processing Unit

the main processor in a computer


Holeshot's Page

I found a guy at the track last nite that had the same EXACT setup that I incorporated on my bike and he said he had the panoram bicycle cpu for 1 1/2 yrs w/o a problem!

Sure the Trail Tech setup is designed exactly for MX but a little modification and enginuity will go a long ways in this world!

I am not denouncing the Trail Tech product at all , but I am saying that I found that I am pretty good modifying stuff like this.

One time I helped put a 427ford into a 49' Ford coupe. We had to move the entire firewall back but it worked!

Same thing.

After I talked to the guy at the track with the "Topeak" Panoram ,I called Topeak inc. and they verified that the "Next" brand was actually a Topeak manufactured FOR WallyWorld!



Foxburough Ma.

The mounting hardware will work fine that comes with the bike unit but this guy at the track said he had used a overflow bottle mount for a Banshee to mount directly to triple clamp.

Now THAT is enginuity!

Call me a cheap ass but I got 50buck more than the guy that bought the MX model!

I actually read somewhere on the intrnt about a guy that had a Lotus Esprit and the stock speedo was so far off that he mounted a Panoram!



Nope BOY, That's not THUNDER ridin your butt, It is a whole damn HURRICANE!!!!G4

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How can I get in touch with Trail Tech? the web address listed above is not correct.

i've had mine a year now--- zero problems. well just one. there are no computers that can count fast enough to keep up with the WR. on my mx track it will jump all over trying to keep up with the motor and the brakes.

no big problem, that poor little cpu just isn't as fast as a yamaha. not much is...

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