No Failures WR450

How many of you with a WR450 have not had a Woodruf key failure? I have about 800 miles on mine and no problems yet. I ride with my kids most of the time so I use the e-start a lot. I want to know if there are more of us then the ones with problems. I still want to know if the 04 parts are going to fit. :) I think we would all go for the retrofit if it works. I love my e-start and do not want to give it up. :D

I have had my bike a little about 9 months and have not yet had a problem. Not sure how many miles are on it total. To many to keep track. Even though it hasn't failed me I still worry everytime I have to restart in a bad place or far away from the truck. Like everyone else I am waiting to see if the 04 stuff will work. The worrying is driving me crazy.

I'm not keeping exact miles on my bike but I'm well over 2000 miles with no failure. Even with this if we find out the new parts off the 04 will fit I will upgrade mine, for piece of mind.

I've got about 500 miles with no problems, use the e start all the time. Can someone start a poll, I think that would be very interesting. Could have categories like

Failed once

Failed twice

No problems, 0-500 miles

No problems, 500-1000 miles


I've had my 450 since 2-7-03 and have always felt the failures got all the airplay while the rest of us just didn't say anything.

so how about one of you computer savy TTers get this one going? :)


I have 900 miles and not a single problem :)

Estimate 1500 miles half of them in enduros. No catastropic failures or sheared keys but starter wouldnt disengage twice. Starts so easy with kicker it is an easy choice for me. I popped the idler and battery out. Doubt I will try the retrofit. Love the bike anyway.

I have about 2000 miles on mine. I never torqued, lapped or locktited. Bike runs perfectly. :)


I've got about 250 miles on my '03, but it had the woodruff key fix done before it left the shop. No other problems. I use the e-start all the time . . . have only kick started the thing twice!

I’m at 1000 miles. Picked up 2-28-03, #0816. No problems with lots of popping and backfires through the mod process. Use the E-start all the time. I would go for the retrofit if I had the problem. Till then I'm Very pleased with my WR! :)

500 Miles, I did the locktight fix, no problems, but I will probably still do the update fix on th 04's just for peace of mind.

I have 1800 miles on mine, all off road no problems. e-start all the time, I bump start when needed all without failure.

350 miles, lots of re-starts with the e-start and no did the recall before I picked her up.

5,600. plus miles and no issues or TSB but I am pretty easy on the bike since I do not race. My bike has been jetted and modified from day 1 before it even ran. Jetting seems to be the biggest culprit associated with a weak design on the starter mechanism. Bike has been stone cold reliable for me. E-start works every time but the bike does not like starting in damp cold weather with the e-start. It can take a few attempts even with a larger starter jet. Never start the bike with even a partially open throttle position! :)

I have quite a few rides on mine with no problems at all, Im with Indy as far as cold starting goes, I usually just kick it first thing when it is under 35 degrees. My bike did not supposedly need the lapping done to it, but the dealer did check the flywheel torque. I will also probably upgrade to 04 specs when parts are available, but I am not worrying over it. By the way, my buddy's YZ450 sheared the flywheel key last year ice racing,it was an early bike also. :)

Aprox. 1000 miles, flywheel lapped and locktited as soon as the tech bulliten came out. Installed updated idler gear a couple weeks ago. I rarely think about it when I'm on the trail. It's been very reliable. I only/always kickstart when the engines cold. Almost always needs a crack of the throttle to start with the button. Indy- does a larger starter jet cure this?

Yes, I use a larger 72 starter jet for the winter. 62 for the summer. I always need to crack the throttle 3-4 times before I press the e-start but I never give it any throttle while the e-start is engaged. I fear that this can lead to the conditions for the famous woodruf key failure. :)

650 miles with no failures.

My dealer sold 8 of the things and no problems.

Indy you love to ride, 5600 wow!

My WR dosn't like to start in cold weather either, I'm going to try the bigger starting jet.

Several hundred miles and no problems. Ditto on not starting easy in the cold weather. I think I'll try that larger starter jet also.

5600 miles Indy!? :)

1900 miles with no problems :). Dealer did TSB before I took it home. I abuse the e-start :D. I have only used the kick sarter once when I left the power button on and the battery was too low. The e-start is one of the biggest reasons for buying this bike. I have stalled it hard a few times where the thought entered my mind that the key may have sheared but it keeps going.

I hope I didn't just jinx myself :D.

Indy, 5600 miles! I can only dream of getting to ride that much. :D


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