No Failures WR450

I had the first WR450 on Thumpertalk and I have had no flywheel key problems withover 1400 miles on the bike.


Hey Rohar, Ever since the divorce all I do is ride. Lot of atv trails and wide open roads where you can cover a lot of ground. I am not a big fan of tight woods. My bars are 36" wide great for sand and desert type riding which I prefer. I just live in the wrong part of the country for that. WR450 is awsome.

i've had mine since 3-03 no problems ride almost every weekend keeping my fingers crossed, :) love the bike

I've had my 03 for 4 months and 1100k's and she purs like a kitten :D,except for that dreaded bog! :)

4000 miles (~6300km) no problems :). Never touched the rotor.

Valves still in spec.

Picked up mine on January 31st of this year. 2500+ miles, no failures with anything on this bike. Heck, I never even had the flywheel bulletin performed.

Hey, Dave are you going to add some new Moab clips from your recent trip on your web site? :D I went a week later and it was my first time and it was totally awesome! :)

No problems here! Ran fine out of the box. Went up one size on the main and pilot, did some air box mods and WAHOO!!

I taunt my friends with the E button and use it all the time. 1600 plus miles so far and no worries.

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