After hours work to help out a Baja 1k team

Met a guy one day at XR's only and he asked about my lights on my truck( weeks later I got him some lights (Even better then the ones on my truck) and built him the rack to put on his race bike for the Baja 1000. What do you guys think? So do you guys think I love the sport of desert racing since I helped out a complete stranger with my time, material, and almost $1000 bucks in lights?

PS...That isn't the race bike..its my personal bike just used for a jig.

Holy crap! :) That is a sweet setup :D

Wow, very nicely done. :) Now point that thing this way, I want to sit on the patio and read the paper. :D

Would you be intrested in posting details of the kit? Stator output, Light wattage, wiring? What about drawings of measurments on a template? IT looks good but for us without all the materials handy to experiment then specific directions could help many of us duplicate a good design! Good work, thanks for sharing



Thats all I can give out for drawing files.

.25" inch aluminum with .125" straps

HID is roughly 35 watts to power

Halogen lamps depending on bulb can range from 35-75 watt each.

Min stator output should be 200 watts

I Wired 2 seperate triple sealed 20 amp switches since it would be a beyatch to lose light in the B1k due to a bad switch.

dont know why I cant post a picture but paste the link and you will see the drawing.

Very helpful, Thank you!


With lights and rack it weighed in at 7.14lbs

Just got picked up and is on its way to mexico...root 251X on if you go down there!

Kritter, looks alot like the mount I made on my bike for the Off-road expo in oct. :)

I was wondering whose bike that was....I had no pictures of the mount...just the 3 light set up from a front view as I walked by. We banged our head against the wall for 2 nights trying to figure out a way to mount them and not have turning issues... I will give you credit for the 3 lights beign badass...thats why I wanted it, but the bracket was original and initial design was by my buddy who didnt even see your bike or attend the show! There are only so many ways you can mount 3 lights that big on a bike without turning or over the bar interference. Post some pics of your bracket. This was a prototype...the real one will be 2 piece billet and universal for any bike.

Saw your mount on your web site, hat's off, nice mount. The one draw back of the lightforce HID is that the pencil beam goes to far out. you will have to put a spacer in the bulb. If you have any more questins feel free to e-mail me @ I will be leaving for the B1K on tues.night, and be back on sun.

So is this Harrold or Doug from Parker Pumper? I am sure you know me from Kevin Davis or Matt Svatos.


How did your light setup work out in the Baja 1000?

I will update when I hear back from them tomorrow or tuesday.

:) Should have known it was "The Kritter"

Hey now.. I was also at the Off-Road convention this year and spent some time drooling over the XR650 in the Parker Pumper booth. Your light setup sure looks the same.

Nice job though :)

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