650 a good motard?

i'm trying to get into this motard thing...wanna canyon carve, and hit up a couple trackdays. I've heard some guys are riding these in supermotard over in europe, but how do they stack up? should i stick to a 400-450?


If you are looking for a road/moto bike

the 650R would be my first choice.

If you are looking for a Supercross/moto bike

the 400/426/450 class may be a better choice.

On the road if the BRP is set up right the smaller bikes don't have a chance.

The smaller bikes have the advantage

when you do the tight dirt sections

with jumps. What they give up on

the road isn't worth it to me.

I have made my BRP, xr650r, into a supermotard. It is really a blast to ride on the street. It has wonderful power and corners better than many of the sportbikes. In the tight stuff I can just ride away from most other steet bikes. You must gear it up though. A 14/48 with a 17 inch wheel/ tire combo means you run out of rpm too soon and are really buzzing it on the highway. Would I do it again? Yes, it does cost some, but for the cost of a KTM you get better motor life, a counter balancer and Honda parts availability etc..

I love it, matter of fact its time to go ride right now!

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